Monday, May 16, 2011

Morning round-up of interesting things

Every now and then, I'll be doing a round-up of interesting news stories you might not have heard about:

* Think the federal Office of Management and Budget should be unionized? Here's a column on the whole idea: Who’s the Boss? AFL-CIO Afilliate Seeking to Unionize Office of Management & Budget

* Also from is this article on the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to money given to universities - with stipulations. The article contains links to stories you might not have seen concerning what some professors are doing in their classrooms (like recruiting members for the Communist Party). It's a good read: None Dare Call it Hypocrisy: The Left’s Outrage Over Teaching Free-Enterprise in Universities

* From the Canadian publication National Post comes this editorial pointing out the deficiencies of the Canadian 'government-only' health care system: Canada must abandon its health-care monopoly

* Finally, from is another great column from one of my favorites, Mark Steyn: RomneyCare Is Problem, Not Part Of The Solution. Mitt Romney appears to be a front-runner for the Republican nomination for 2012, but his support - and continued defense - of his Obamacare-lite program for health coverage is getting in the way. As Steyn so wryly describes:

American conservatives' problem with RomneyCare is the same as with ObamaCare — that, if the government (whether state or federal) can compel you to make arrangements for the care of your body parts that meet the approval of state commissars, then the constitution is dead.

And Americans might as well shred the thing and scatter it as confetti over Prince William and his lovely bride, along with an accompanying note saying, "Come back. It was all a ghastly mistake." For if conceding jurisdiction over your lungs and kidneys and bladder does not make you a subject rather than a citizen, what does?


So RomneyCare is not just an argument about health care. It exemplifies what's wrong with American political structures...

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