Friday, November 11, 2011

OccupyDenver, BlogCon11, protests and dog biscuits

I've never been the subject of a protest, but it appears that may change today.

I'm in Denver, CO, for the FreedomWorks' BlogCon11, a training session for bloggers. Apparently, OccupyDenver thinks I and my fellow bloggers are worthy of protest because FreedomWorks asked people to sign a petition opposing the hate being shown to the Jewish people.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it???

Here is the OccupyDenver Facebook post:

Occupy Denver -- THIS JUST IN: Koch Brothers Tea-Party pet acquisition "FreedomWorks" is hosting BlogCon at the Crown Plaza Hotel TOMORROW ... and WE'RE gonna be there!!! 5:00 PM ~ 1450 Glenarm downtown. Let's show some right-wing media thugs some Occupy solidarity!!! Bring your signs and be ready to make noise! Not sure if this is something to get behind? Check THIS out >>>

So, OccupyDenver is asking its supporters to 'get behind' their protest of us because of this particular post from FreedomWorks:

It’s time we reject the hate coming from Occupy Wall Street, a movement, which claims to represent 99% of Americans.

Beyond the class warfare rhetoric of the radical left, Occupy Wall Street is now lashing out at the Jewish people.

We reject Occupy Wall Street’s hate toward people of the Jewish faith.

Stand against anti-Semitism. Sign this petition to say that Occupy Wall Street DOES NOT speak for you.

How in the world can the Occupiers NOT support this call to stop the hate? They talk about being 'peaceful' and 'welcoming everyone' and then use a call for tolerance as a reason to protest?

One of the biggest problems with the Occupy groups is that in being so 'tolerant' of everything, they end up standing for the idiocy and the hate and the intolerance of others within their midst.

By not opposing the hate and the violence and the intolerance, they support it.

And then they twist it into a reason to protest.

There is something seriously wrong with these people who think that somehow makes sense.

And then there is the whole "right-wing media thugs" description. Obviously, they've not met us to know that we're far from "thugs" unlike the rapists and others in their midst. Perhaps they should first deal with the "thugs" in their own group before they worry about *potential* thugs here at BlogCon11.

But again, that would make sense and common sense is something that seems to be sorely lacking among the Occupiers.

So we'll see what they're able to muster in terms of a protest against bloggers who are clearly not part of their evil 1%.

And we will have dog biscuits for their leader.

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