Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Post-election thoughts and upcoming hypocrisy

Unions, with significant out-of-state support, raised over $25 million to defeat Issue 2. They are probably looking at it as money well spent since the measure was soundly defeated 61% to 39). Of course, it was their livelihood (union - not individual member - livelihood) that was at stake.

But Issue 3, which opposes the individual mandate required as part of Obamacare, was passed by a margin that was larger than Issue 2's, winning 66% to 34%. And, Issue 3 passed in every single one of Ohio's 88 counties.

So what does this mean?

Some are saying that the failure of Issue 2 shows that Ohio is still a 'blue' state despite the election results of 2010. But Issue 3 debunks that theory.

If the defeat of Issue 2 was a 'strong message' to Gov. John Kasich, the passage of Issue 3 is an even stronger message to President Barack Obama and to all of the Ohio Congressional delegation.

The question now is whether or not Ohio's representatives in the U.S. House and Senate will heed the message of Ohio voters on Obamacare, as so many are saying Kasich must now do regarding collective bargaining reform.

Or, will those who supported Issue 2 employ a double standard and act like hypocrites by continuing to support Obamacare?

I could tell you what I expect but, considering my cynical nature on such things, I believe you already know.


Mad Jack said...

I could tell you what I expect but, considering my cynical nature on such things, I believe you already know.

I don't. Tell me.

I voted for the Zoo, by the way.

Did you see when Issue 3 passed? I looked last night and it was failing (unofficial results) then the morning I got the good news.

I don't think Issue 2 would fix the labor problem anyway, plus it was far too long and complex. What Ohio really needs is a right to work law.

It seems that Ohio is a purple State, if these results are any sign.

Maggie Thurber said...

Mad Jack - I was watching the Sec of State website most of the evening and Issue 3 was leading throughout. Perhaps you were looking only at Lucas County results?

As for what I expect, you shouldn't be surprised to learn that I expect the opponents of Issue 2 (many of whom also took a position oppsed to Issue 3), to change their tune when it comes to what the election results mean.

While calling the failure of Issue 2 a 'mandate' and a 'message' to Ohio politicians, I don't see them saying the same thing about the overwhelming passage of Issue 3 being an equal 'mandate' and 'message' to the Washington politicians.

I expect hypocrisy will abound when the opponents ignore the success of Issue 3 and fail to demand action by our Ohio delegation to D.C. to 'support the will of the people' - which is what they are doing with Kasich on Issue 2.

Mad Jack said...

I expect hypocrisy will abound...

I expect you're right!

I was watching Lucas County.

I think we ought to get a select group together for election 2012 and watch the results for a while.

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