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Toledo City Council Meeting November 1, 2011

Sherry's notes from Toledo City Council's Meeting

Toledo City Council Meeting

November 1, 2011

In attendance: Councilmen Steel, Ludeman, Martinez, Waniewski, McNamara, Collins, Craig, Sarantou, Copeland, Councilwomen Webb, Brown, Hicks-Hudson, Deputy Mayor Herwat (Mayor strolled in).

Mr. Steel played the National Anthem on the Accordion. He practiced 2 weeks ago before the meeting. He did it November 1st also. Two minutes later, there was screaming and yelling in the lobby. Stopped Council from talking, Fred Lefebvre of WSPD went in he lobby and recorded the ruckus. Video is available here, here, here, and here. It was over in five minutes.

Passed on October 25, 2011, Special Meeting (next 2 items):

Item 484 – Agreement with Port Authority for sale of City parking facilities and equipment, terminate DTPA – passed.

Item 488 – Reconsideration of ordinance for SUP for tow lot at 6231 Telegraph Road – passed.

Item 489 – Appointment – Blair Museum of Lithophanes – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 490 – Appointment – Investment Advisory Board – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 491 – Appointments – Toledo – Lucas County Civic Center Mall Oversight Commission – confirmed – Martinez abstaining, rest voting yes.

Item 492 – Appointments – Walbridge Park Board – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 431 – Amend Toledo Expansion Incentive Program (TEI) Guidelines – McNamara – move to Agenda at 11/16. Moved to Economic and Development Committee.

Item 493 – Resolution – Adopt 2012 Calendar for City Council – adopted – all voting yes.

Item 494 – Establish an Economic Incentive Task force – referred to Economic and Development Committee.

Item 495 – Amend November 11th termination of management agreement with Downtown Toledo Parking Authority (DTPA) – passed – all voting yes.

Item 496 – Accept JAG grant for Police for equipment for motorcycle traffic enforcement, $207,691 – referred to P.S., Law & Criminal Justice Committee.

Item 497 – Accept State High Visibility Enforcement grant for Police overtime Traffic Enforcement program, $72,845 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 498 – Accept Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) grant for Police Domestic Violence Unit, $30,420 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 499 – Accept DOJ grant for Police for one-half cost of purchasing ballistic vests, $15,700 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 500 – Accept U. S. Marshal Service grant for Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force, $15,480 – passed - all voting yes.

Item 501 – Accept FirstEnergy grant for Maritime Academy for job training program, $25,000 – passed – all voting yes. Webb - Hicks-Hudson was at facility – investment in workforce.

Item 502 – Waive TMC to allow landscaped and secured surface parking field for Standart Lofts, 34 S. Erie Street – Ludeman – Clerk added section 2 – amended. McNamara – another vote? When did we decide to do this? Why did we decide to do this? Re-surface to park – bad use of funds. Hicks-Hudson – address the need for this package to be added to building – written approval by majority of Council. Herwat – relational – City prohibits building being torn down – it has long been vacant – this will help attract tenants. Collins – private investment – must we put a Candidate where we can? Martinez - agrees with Collins. Ludeman – front of building has “Jersey Barriers” (SZ, which are being taken away, I saw them), back of building (where parking lot is going) is gravel – can't be seen from the AW Trail – passed – all voting yes.

Item 503 – Easement for Buckeye Cablevision to install ethernet data circuit for SB&H at 1189 W. Central Ave. - passed – all voting yes.

Item 504 – Landbanking Sale – Vacant lot at 106 Rosalind Place to Dennis Brown, owner of adjacent home, $150 – passed -= all voting yes.

Item 505 – Purchase property at 3523 Whitegate Drive, 808-810 Dryden Drive & 744 Dryden Drive for NSP model home – passed – all voting yes.

Item 506 – Accept WPCLF or OWDA loan for Oakdale CSO Storage Basin Project, $26,846,749 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 507 - Accept WPCLF or OWDA loan for Parkside Area SSO Elimination Project, $19,907,910 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 508 – Accept State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) loan for Promenade Park improvements, 13 years, $2,201,732 – Steel refer to Parks and Utilities Committees. Utilities Committee will meet on 2 PM Monday, only time I could get. Collins – to Director Walsh – Pittsburgh Park Conservatory will be coming available to Council? Webb – What is it? (Director Walsh explains.) Waniewski – I put in for times – I have them locked in – don't know if I can get that off.

Item 509 – Amend Ordinance 353-11 to accept additional OCFC grant for Great Lakes Historical Museum, $5,000 – passed – all voting yes.

Item 510 – Easements for ODOT for rehabilitating the Anthony Wayne Bridge, aka, High Level Bridge – passed – all voting yes. Martinez – Question to the Administration – have you contacted ODOT? Herwat – Yes we have, advise County. Steel – check on traffic flow in that area.

Item 511 – Appropriation for advance interest payment to HUD to refinance outstanding Notes, $479,499 CIP – passed – all voting yes.

Item 512 – Authorize ACGT to implement 2011 Municipal Art Plan, expenditure for 1% For the Arts, $228,7952 CIP – Waniewski – thanks to the Administration – likes the packet provided – good stewards of the peoples money – tax payers voted to allocate funds for this – passed – all voting yes.

Item 513 – Appropriation for 2” water line & sewer tap for Toledo GROW'S Oneida Training Center, $3,900 2% Water/Sewer – Hicks-Hudson – passage of this to learn trade. Webb- agrees – passed – all voting yes.

Last Call:

Webb – girls from Notre Dame here. She graduated in 93', they were born in 94' Marcy Kaptur came to her District to put up a MIA/POW Flag. Supports the repealing of Issue 2 (SB5) – Best of luck to everyone on the ballot (Webb).

Collins – Levis Park – have discussion – lots of calls. Honor Vets - 10th is the 236th Birthday of the Marines – Semper Fi - 11th Veterans Day – go Rockets.

Craig – packet – legitimate insurance match with Local 7.

Hicks-Hudson – Thank You to Don from the DPU and the Law Department. Thank you for shutting down the OH Players Club – bad place. DMH – interested in the City.

Martinez – Good luck to everyone with the vote.

Steel – Request for houses torn down using Federal Funds. Check on Levis Commons.

Waniewski – Meeting on the 10th at 2 PM – calls out FEMA maps – help residents find recourse – some are now in a flood plain – insurance jacked up.

Mr. Herwat addressed the "Occupy" situation. He said that, Levis Commons had been checked every two hours, since 8:00 AM (this was Tuesday). He said there was "nobody there".

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