Thursday, March 29, 2012

Irony Alert on Occupy Wall Street

Rusty Weiss, who writes at The Mental Recession, has this post about the latest Occupy Wall Street stunt:

The Mental Recession: Irony Alert - Occupy Wall Street Stages Subway Fare Strike, Demands Free Ride:

Isn't that what Occupy Wall Street is all about, a free ride? What most average Americans would refer to this as 'theft of services', the Occupy slugs and their union counterparts staged a subway fare strike in New York City this morning.
Apparently, they're mad about rising costs and decreased services, along with crime on the New York City subway, the MTA.  As Rusty writes:

So union workers are threatening the MTA to bow to their demands, or they and OWS will continue letting people ride for free? Isn't that like a store worker asking a manager for a raise, and letting customers take items for free until the manager agrees?

In fact, according to this MTA report for 2010, the MTA received a total of $8,904,281,373 in one year alone.  Note - that's nearly $9 BILLION. Yes, billion.

If $9 billion isn't enough for the "Occupy slugs and their union counterparts," what is?

As Rusty points out, at least one Occupier gets it:

A real "fare strike" would be people walking to their destinations, not stealing rides. Yes, it is theft of services, and it's exactly the kind of thing that feeds the anti-OWS lunatics -- strikes me as a bad idea.
A bad idea, indeed ... and all of us 'anti-OWS lunatics' will have a field day with the irony.

The worst part about all this is that the MTA is already heavily subsidized, like most public transportation, so even though they're complaining about rising costs, they're not paying anywhere near the actual cost of the service.

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