Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More questions on Stainbrook filings are raised

Lucas County Republican Party chairman Jon Stainbrook has now come to the attention of my fellow Ohio blogger, Justin Higgins - and he doesn't like what he's found.

On behalf of all Republicans in Lucas County (despite no meeting of the party to actually decide the issue), Stainbrook signed a letter urging current Ohio Republican Party chairman Kevin DeWine to resign immediately.

This follows his election in the primary as a member of the state central committee in which he defeated incumbent Johnathan Binkley and an unknown, never-before-registered-Republican, Sean Binkley.

Higgins takes a look at the filings in that race and correctly labels it "dirty dealings."

The battle for control of the Ohio Republican Party turned ugly a while ago, but in no place has it been uglier than Lucas County. Jon Stainbrook, the embattled party chairman, won the election for the 11th District State Central Committee (Male) seat. He didn’t do it cleanly. Facing up against a pro-DeWine candidate in Jonathon Binkley, Stainbrook resorted to qualifying a third candidate for the ballot, a Sean Binkley. I requested the candidate filing petitions from the Lucas County Board of Elections, and the results are interesting.


Stainbrook allies ran Sean Binkley for the sole reason that his last name would confuse voters intending to vote for Jonathon Binkley. Meghan Gallagher (who appears with Bensman on Sean Binkley’s petition) is also a Stainbrook ally who is featured in a photo with Bensman in the “close associate” article above. Multiple signatories of Sean Binkley’s appeared on Stainbrook’s petition. The pro-Kasich side has been chanting “the voters have spoken” since the Ohio primary, but did they even know who they were voting for in Lucas County?


Finally, I’m not a handwriting expert and will make no claims I can’t back up, but look at the candidate handwriting in the two full petitions. Awfully similar. If the same person filled both out however, that would be election fraud. You make the call.

To this, add my previous information about the back-room deal to eliminate contested races in Lucas County for the GOP state central committee.

Oh - and this isn't the first time that signatures on filings from Stainbrook and the LCRP have been called into question.

Not surprisingly, Higgins comes to a correct conclusion about Stainbrook:

Operatives like Stainbrook should be viewed with scrutiny and disdain, not touted as influentials calling for DeWine to get out.

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-Sepp said...

Let's see...cozy with the local anti-republican newspaper and, two of his close cohorts are former Jack Ford volunteers.

His actions seem to point to him being an infiltrator rotting the party from the inside.

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