Friday, May 25, 2012

UPDATED: Hackers hit Ohio Voter Integrity Project website

Got word late last night that the server for the Ohio Voter Integrity Project had been hacked.

I've not provided a clickable link because you can't access the website right now, but the address is

If you receive a warning message when accessing the site, do not go forward with your search. The warning is from Google and they have blacklisted our site for your and our protection.

When the warning is removed, that means the site is off of the blacklist and is safe to use again.

They do not know if this attack was directed at them, one of the other Tea Party related websites they host (which have also been affected), or a random hack job.

Their web administrator is working on the problem and hopes to have it resolved soon.

UPDATE - via email:

The server, while hosting several conservative websites, also hosts several commercial websites. We looked into the situation and are very comfortable that this was not a targeted attack, but just one of the many thousand random malware attacks that occur daily. It was a total PITA, but nothing more. While having the political sites down for a few days is very annoying, it is nothing when compared to the small business owners who were losing income by the hour.

Everything has been corrected and all sites are back up; the good news is the firewall worked and none of the sites were infected.

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