Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why won't Facebook let me share this?

There was an interesting article on The Drudge Report yesterday that listed the hundreds of words to avoid using on line if you don't want to attract government attention.

Here is the link.

I tried to share this on Facebook, but it wouldn't let me. When I hit the share button on the article, my FB page would open, but it wouldn't post.

Thinking that perhaps the share button wasn't working, I went to my FB home page and tried to paste the link. The link pasted, and the pop up showed the article, but clicking the 'post' button resulted in nothing. Instead, the page refreshed without my comment or link.

One of my FB friends sent me a message and asked if I was able to post the article. The link showed up in the message, but I still could not post or share the article.

Conspiracy? A strange quirk relating to a UK newspaper? An article that Facebook has blocked? I don't know, but I think it very odd that we could not share this article on Facebook.


Mad Jack said...

Hey Maggie!

Somehow, the link. is busted.

Shenandoah said...

This has happened to me three times on Facebook. They edit what you can link to. I have found a workaround by copying the text and using FB Notes without the link. I suppose you could also do the same as a regular post, however there is no character limit if you use Notes....

Chris Brown said...

This has started happening to me. It has been more than a few times. And apparently different things.
Very annoying.

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