Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey Ohio, Obama IS waging a war on coal; billboard campaign begins

Yes, the President, his administration, his bureaucrats and his party are all waging a war on coal, as these new billboards demonstrate.

These words, from Barack Obama, V.P. Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Steven Chu prove it - no matter what Sen. Sherrod Brown claims.

“There is no war on coal. Period,” Brown said during a debate Monday with Republican rival Josh Mandel sponsored by the City Club of Cleveland, the first of three scheduled over the next two weeks.

I can't help but wonder what Brown has been smoking to make such a claim! Or is he just that stupid? Perhaps he's just that partisan!

I'm sure he'd rather ignore the comments and pleas of Ohio coal miners who Friday called on Pres. Obama to stop his false ads about them and the war on coal. You, know, the same miners who, in this video, called Brown a "job killer."

Here is the Press Release from the Ohio Coal Association:

Coalition Launches Billboard Campaign in Ohio After Biden, Obama, Chu Comments

COLUMBUS - The Ohio Coal Association joined today with four other state coal associations to launch a billboard campaign highlighting the anti-coal positions of the Obama Administration. These billboards contain actual quotes from Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu regarding their disdain for American coal.

“The Ohio Coal Association wants people in the Buckeye State to know the truth about President Obama and his war on coal, which is undermining low-cost electricity and destroying tens of thousands of jobs.” said Mike Carey, Chair of the Ohio Coal Association.

“This billboard initiative is supported by the state coal associations of Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania,and West Virginia, and is funded by the Ohio Coal Association. These coal-producing states have felt firsthand the economic damage that this Administration has caused. It is time to stand up and stop the war on coal."

Images of the three billboards can be found by visiting and below.

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