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Toledo City Council Meeting - Oct. 9, 2012

Notes from Sherry:

Toledo City Council Meeting
October 9, 2012

In attendance: Councilmen McNamara, Riley, Ludeman, Collins, Sarantou, Waniewski, Craig, Martinez, Copeland, Steel, Councilwoman Hicks-Hudson, Webb, Mayor Bell.

Item 495 – Resolution – Support Toledo-Lucas County Public Library operating levy, Issue 23, 2.9 mils, 5 years – adopted – Waniewski abstaining, rest yes (Steel and Webb not voting, not present for vote).

Item 496 – Appointment – Maumee-Monclova-Toledo JEDZ Board – confirmed – all voting yes.

Item 497 - Appointment – Ottawa/Jermain Park Advisory Board – confirmed – all voting yes. McNamara – Today is the last day to register to vote. The Early Voter Center on North Superior is open till 9 PM tonight.

Item 498 – Amend '82 Development Agree with Owens-Illinois & accept ownership of Promenade Harbor Beacon – passed – all voting yes.

Item 499 – Re-appropriation for testing and design of new Fire Station #3 (formerly Erie & Bush), $344, 000 CIP – to Public Safety Committee

* Collins – meeting at 6 PM (after Council Meeting) in two weeks – we want in put from the public.
* Hicks-Hudson – thank you Mr. Collins and the Chief coming up with a solution.
* Martinez – will get RFP on this.

Item 500 – Accept and dedicate as Erie St. right of way and accept utility easement for drainage to Swan Creek – passed – all voting yes.

Item 501 – Grant 30' parking easement at former Erie St. Market to River Rd. Redevelopment II LLC - passed – all voting yes.

Item 502 – Accept donation and tuition for National Development Council (NDC) training and expend funds – passed – all voting yes.

Item 503 – Issue Bonds to refund 1995 LaSalle Apartments Bonds, $5,750,000 - 1st Reading.

* Collins – pulled file on this – developer was in Madison, WI, now Kimberly Clark is the owner – questions, 1st Reading recommended – will those that live there be able to afford the apartments – bonds and response – through Dilbert and Pratt.
* Martinez – LMI phase out – 3 years – we still have some insurance (found out through the Deputy Mayor) tax credits went Ari – no problem with 1st Reading – make sure we are all on the same page.
* Sarantou – information on CAPPS rent increase.
* Collins – re-do bonds – questions answered.

Item 504 – Expenditure for 7 Vactor hose reels for Sewer & Drainage Services, $16,000 Sewer Operating Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 505 – Accept funds from Lucas County Reg Health Dist for lead-based paint remediation, 165 homes, 3 years, $2,232,000

* Administration – This is to let the Mayor remove lead from houses, per the Health Department. This was originally thought to have been done.
* Ludeman – will this be enough?
* Adm. - yes.
* Riley – who will do this?
* Adm. - Local Contractors.

Passed – Riley abstaining, rest yes.

Item 506 – Resolution – Vacate streets and alleys west of Upton and north of I-475 for ProMedica Parkway – adopted – all voting yes.

Item 507 – Resolution – Vacate streets and alleys east of ProMedica Pkwy and south of I-475 for ProMedica Pkwy – adopted – all voting yes.

Item 433 – Amend TMC Ch. 2101, Classified Exempt and Executive Exempt employees

* Craig – maded amendment – Managerial Staff.
* Herwat – eliminates E5 designation.
* Steel – Administration proposal – what about contract for health care?
* Herwat – everything is the same.

Vote on Administration's amendment, Yes – Waniewski, Martinez, Craig. No – Riley, Ludeman, McNamara, Sarantou, Hicks-Hudson, Steel, Collins, Copeland, Webb.

Motion failed.

* Collins – thought long and hard on this – went to Mayor to bring compromise but now I will not bring my proposal (he's mad).
* Hicks-Hudson – what was amended?
* Martinez – What just happened – Collins snubbed – no raise in 15 years – talking about pay raises
* Webb De Ja Vu all over again – people can do what they want - example, take pay cuts – now we can't find compromise – contemptible issue – go to other people (names them) for advice on issues – Table this?
* McNamara – yes, you can Table or amend.
* Martinez – hot potato – hard to deal with.
* Sarantou – move this to Committee of the Whole.
* Ludeman – Mayor has in his hand to to do raises – work that we do.
* Collins – I was blindsided on Oct. 2nd – Administration can't find compromise. Mayor can correct the Deputy Mayor position - can do this by the Charter. We wouldn't be having these discussions without my efforts. Met on 27th with the Mayor. It was my understanding that my proposal was accepted. But it wasn't. Ludeman was right – bring this to a conclusion – communicate without anyone knowing - “You will never do anything without courage” ~ Aristotle. That represents my position. Nothing will be done without our permission – take us out conservatory (intellect and respect) invites others to sit down on this.
* Hicks-Hudson – response on referrals – don't diminish responsibility.
* Martinez – withdraw motion to Table. To committee of the Whole.

Hicks-Hudson – Two members want to vote on Item 495. Steel – Webb and myself were in a meeting. (They both vote yes on 495.)

Last Call:

Waniewski – Administration to let us know about retiring Grant money – deadline is next week. We are going to be losing one member of this Council; look for someone with a business background, put an ad in the paper.

Collins – On 9/22, we suffered a tragic event at the Islamic Center, arson. Mr. Sarantou and myself went there, and this should not be tolerated in any house of Worship.

Craig – Agrees with Collins.

Waniewski – We are working with Clergy from the Mosque – ask them to come to the next meeting.

Hicks-Hudson – 1) Re-iterate 2101 worst/best case scenario – funding. 2) ICE – Art Tatum's Birthday – celebrated at the restaurant. 3) Tighten up legal challenge – ready for next City Council Meeting.

Ludeman – (Islamic Center) hopes everyone is strong and they are healing. His Church, Holy Trinity Lutheran celebrating its 110th year.

Martinez – Next Thursday at 11:30 he's getting married in chambers, people are invited.

Sarantou – Prayer service at Mosque was moving – Went to UT Friday night – great program – thanks Dr. Jacobs.

McNamara – Going to vote on N. Superior St.

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