Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tell me again how my quality of life is improved by taking more money out of my wallet

I am sick and tired of politicians and media (like today's Blade editorial) telling me that I need to pay more taxes to improve my quality of life.

Are they serious?!?

How is anyone's quality of life enhanced by having less money for the things they need?

So far in this election cycle, we've been told that paying more money to the city for parks and recreation, paying more money for our library, paying more money for our schools - paying more money in general - will improve our quality of life.

We'll be healthier if we pay more money to both Toledo parks and the MetroParks.

We'll be safer and kids won't turn to violence if we just pay more for city parks.

Our kids will be smarter and they'll get better jobs becoming productive members of society if only we pay more money to the school system.

Our drug addicts will stop using drugs if only we pay more money to the recently merged entity that combined the alcohol and drug addiction agency with the mental health agency (after voters repeatedly rejected funding for ADAS).

Our kids will learn to read better if we only give the library more money. (What are schools for, then?!?)

Our kids will also be inspired to learn more about math and science if we continue funding Imagination Station. (Again, what are schools for?!?)

All these deductions from my wallet will supposedly improve my individual quality of life, even though I don't have kids, don't have family members with drug problems and have my own treadmill for exercise.

We're supposed to believe that politicians, bureaucrats and newspaper editors all know what's best in terms of our quality of life. Our beliefs about what really improves our quality of life are irrelevant.

But think about it: if you have a choice between paying more money to government entities or keeping that money for your OWN priorities, which choice is really most likely to improve your personal quality of life?

Perhaps you love football and your quality of life would be most improved by being able to order all NFL games on a pay-per-view channel.

Perhaps you have kids and your family's quality of life would be better enhanced by setting aside money for their college education.

Perhaps you have an elderly parent with Alzheimer's who you are helping to care for and your quality of life would be improved by hiring a companion to come in and sit with them for a period of time to give you a break.

Perhaps, like me, you don't have any of these circumstances, but you love to cook and your quality of life (and your marriage) would be greatly improved if you had a renovated kitchen where you and your spouse both have room to work and an oven that can fit the turkey you plan to cook when the entire family comes for Thanksgiving.

The point is plain - you know best what will improve your own quality of life and it is likely to be different from what your neighbor thinks will improve their quality of life.

But politicians, bureaucrats and media all think they know better than you. They think they are the best judges of what will make your life better - and they are eager to tell you.

And it all boils down to you having less money so they have more.

Our quality of life is always enhanced when we get to keep the money we earn and spend it on our own priorities.

Anyone who tells you differently is lying and deserves to be run out of town.


James said...

The Blade has rarely met a tax hike it didn't like. That's why we are overtaxed.

-Sepp said...

More money?
That'll fix everything right?
...just like it has every other time Toledoans have been asked to ante up!
I certainly have to laugh whenever the blade or, a councilman tries to blame Toledo's rampant gang and crime problem on parks...because we all know that if our parks were more fun, the rapists, robbers, gangbangers, shooters, drug dealers and burglars would all be having so much fun shooting hoops, sliding down slides, teeter-totterring, swinging and playing on monkey bars that they'd be too tired and satisfied with their quality of life that they'd not have time for crime!

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