Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Light Posting

Regular readers will have noticed a lack of my usual posts lately, so I want to share with you what's been going on and why I've had less time for the in-depth reporting I usually do about local and state politics.

On January 3rd, my father-in-law had what he thought was going to be a laproscopy-type surgery to remove a polyp in his colon. Turns out, it was cancer and it was very large, so it ended up being a regular surgery. He came through fine, but then had some complications. This meant we really needed a family member with him 24/7 to ensure and coordinate his care. He was in the hospital for the entire month of January, spent two weeks in rehab and is now home.

But he still needs help and assistance, which I'm very happy to do, especially because I work from home and have a much more flexible day schedule than any of my in-laws.

Then, on January 8th, we lost a dear friend rather unexpectedly. His children have needed the help of family and friends to handle his estate - from selling or disposing of unwanted items to preparing his house for sale. This has turned out to be much more work than any of us thought and it has taken up any free time we had not caring for my father-in-law.

Of course, we both still work ... So you can understand why my regular postings have been a bit light lately.

I hope you've been enjoying the QsOTD from Black conservatives, especially since so many on the left like to characterize conservatives as hostile to African-Americans and all minorities in general. I believe the individuals I've been featuring are wonderful spokesmen for conservative principles, regardless of the color of their skin. I'll finish up Black History Month with more QsOTD and hope to be back to my normal coverage of state and local politics by March.

Thanks for being readers of my blog!

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