Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stainbrook's reaction to Sec of State report: Fire everyone except the two named in report

According to reports from today's Lucas County Board of Elections meeting, the recent review done by the Ohio Secretary of State isn't sitting well with Jon Stainbrook, a Republican member of the board and the chairman of the Lucas County GOP.

The SoS report recommended firing the top two administrators, Republican Director Meghan Gallagher and Democrat Dan DeAngelis.

Stainbrook's solution: keep them and fire everyone else instead!

Talk about 'stuck-on-stupid' ...

The motion by Stainbrook to do just that was not seconded, but discussion ensued, so the board called a brief recess and, upon returning, ended all discussion due to a lack of second on the motion.

No other action regarding the report was taken.

Interestingly, after having had issues with the lack of public comment previously, the BOE still has not developed a policy for accepting public comment on board matters or items on the agenda. As a result, John Mac Avoy, a member of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition, was prevented from speaking or asking questions during the meeting about the report and its recommendations.

Considering this latest, perhaps the county would be better served by firing Stainbrook from the BOE.


Brad Reynolds said...

The beatings will continue until moral improves.

So, the way to fix a leadership problem is to fire all the followers. Only in Lucas County.

Brad Reynolds said...

This appears to be the way you fix leadership problems in Lucas County. You fire the followers.

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