Monday, March 18, 2013

Are some of Stainbrook's chickens coming home to roost?

My, oh my...this is what happens when you decide you disagree with Jon Stainbrook....

Stainbrook aims to oust GOP board member

Apparently, Tony DeGidio is inclined to support the recommendation from the Ohio Secretary of State to fire the Board of Elections direct and assistant director. But the director is Meghan Gallager, FOS (friend of Stainbrook) and that doesn't sit too well with the GOP county chairman.

So...all the dirt is coming out.

Stainbrook claims:

* DeGidio doesn't actually live in the county
* He has a pending ethics complaint and that makes him ineligible to serve on the BOE

DeGidio claims:

* Stainbrook has a conflict of interest because he and Gallagher were or are romantically involved
* Stainbrook takes money from Gallagher

What a mess!

First, if DeGidio doesn't live in the county, isn't that something Stainbrook has known all along?

Didn't he investigate that fact before presenting his name to the Lucas County Republican Party's executive committee for them to recommend him as the board member?

And if Stainbrook has known this all along, why is it only now an issue?

Could it be because now it's useful to Stainbrook? That would certainly be in keeping with his modus operandi.

And so what if DeGidio has a *pending* ethics complaint. Having an unadjudicated charge against you could be a concern but is it cause for removal? If so, I can think of a significant number of people who will gladly file similar types of ethics charges against Stainbrook just to get rid of him.

Now, if the charges pan out, then that's a different discussion. But we're not there yet - unless there's more that Stainbrook knows that he's not yet telling.

DeGidio's charges, however, are more serious. If you receive funds from an appointee, you clearly have a conflict of interest - on both sides. A romantic relationship is also a conflict, but harder to prove when both parties are denying it.

But does DeGidio, knowing Stainbrook's penchant for gathering dirt and holding it against someone, have dirt of his own?

Knowing Stainbrook's history, did he gather evidence to protect himself, or at least take Jon down with him?

Aye, there's the rub.

Only time will tell, but until then, expect the pile of dirt to get higher as this is certain to get more ugly as the chickens come home to roost.

Careful, though. As Chris Myers as Swamp Bubbles warns: eating your own can give you indigestion.

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