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Toledo City Council Meeting - March 19, 2013

Items of particular interest from this week's city council meeting are Item #89 which establishes a 10-member Performance Audit Committee to create a Request For Proposal for a performance audit of the Water Department and Item #113 which will transfer money to cover money transferred inappropriately for the purchase of vehicles - including a vehicle for the mayor. That item will be part of committee hearing tomorrow, March 21, at 1:30 p.m.

Additionally - and this is new - here is a link to the agenda items so you can read the complete description of the legislation being considered, as well as a brief explanation of the item.

Notes from Sherry:

Toledo City Council Meeting
March 19, 2013

In attendance: Councilwomen Hicks-Hudson, Webb, Councilmen Ludeman, Steel, Enright, Martinez, Waniewski, Collins, Sarantou, Craig, Riley. McNamara, Deputy Mayor Herwat.

Item 106 - Appointments – Ottawa/Jermain Park Advisory Board - 1st Reading.(Something was mentioned about Mr. Fish's residency.)

Item 107 – Appointment – Toledo – Lucas County Plan Commission – confirmed – all voting yes.
Herwat recognizes Shelly Co. (Group) as outstanding – from Thornville, OH, offices in Toledo, for fixing Southwyck Blvd., Mr. Collins district.

Item 89 – Establish 10-member Performance Audit Committee to create RFP for performance audit of DPU – passed – all voting yes.
* Webb – memo to Water Director – make changes to document, Mayor has final say – not Council President.
* McNamara – Amend, delete with chair/or – Ms. Webb should be on this Committee.
* Collins – All the work by Lisa and Ms. Webb to be commended but, this will take some time, we don't have time – separate and district challenges now – breakdown on Capital of that system.
* Hicks-Hudson – This is a two track process.

Item 102 – Appropriation to refurbish athletic facility at 1111 Manhattan Blvd. For PAL, $250,000 Parkland Replc – hold –

* Collins – Administration at Agenda Review – property?
* Herwat – We wrote to them about it.
* Collins - $700,000 in Law Enforcement Fund – take this money out of the trust – this will be a recreation facility for the children – Amend and change.
* Craig – Good work, Mr. Collins.
* Steel – Is this the only change?

Item 108 – Lease for Family House at 669 Indiana Ave. for homeless families, $1, 5 years + 5 year option – passed – all voting yes.

Item 109 – Re-appropriation for Electrical Power Distribution at Water Treatment Plant, $1,870,000Water Bond – passed – all voting yes.

Item 110 – Expenditure to Shumaker Bros. For emergency sewer repair at 1105 Oakdale, $19,589 Sewer Op – passed – all voting yes.

Item 111 – Expenditure for Transportation's street signalization and signs, $150,000 CIP Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 112 – Expenditure to Hoffman Rd. Landfill scale and scale software, $50,000 CIP Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 113 – Transfer funds from General Fund to Capital Replacement Fund for vehicles purchased since 2004, $437,646 - 1st Reading. Sarantou – Finance Committee to meet on this issue on the 21st at 1:30 PM.

Item 114 - Expenditure to Clark Schaefer Hackett for 2012 annual audit, 4 of 5 years, $190,000 General Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Item 115 – Expenditure to TMACOG for 2013 membership fee, $55,658 General Fund - 1st Reading.

Item 116 – Amend TMC by repealing 13 boards/commissions & creating Toledo Parks & Recreation Advisory Board – to Parks & Recreation Committee. Steel – hold till Committee Meeting on Tuesday the 9th, at 4 PM.

Item 117 – Appropriation for Glendale Water Main Replacement, Oak Hill Ct – A. W. Trail, $1,500,000 Water Replacement – passed – all voting yes.

Item 102 – to Committee.

* Herwat – Is this an appropriate use of funds? As of 2/20/13, there was $12,000 available. What are they using these funds for?
* Collins – can't be used for personal costs – examples in previous years - $500,000 per year – What are legitimate uses?
* Hicks-Hudson – Law Department to answer.
* Collins – this needs further research.

Last Call:

Ludeman – Concerned about the traffic on Glendale, Item 117, especially on Southwyck, I like to know.

Riley – UT – good luck in Columbus.

Sarantou – I was Principle for the day at Sherman Elementary, great school.

Steel – (to Sarantou) Hope you didn't make any lasting decisions.

Waniewski – Best wishes to Womens UT Basketball Team. Thanks Administration for paving Secor Road. He hasn't received any bad reports about it.

Webb – Saturday the 30th at Friendship Center, Easter Bunny. Last year 1,000 kids showed up. Reference – what's driving relationships – Steve Hagin and the City- email list. Who is paying for the City' web site – paving streets, April 2nd at the Library, 6 PM. Concerned about all the missing young women in Toledo – Candice Clark from Point Place (gives contact info).

Collins – This Thursday 5 PM at the LOPH, street paving meeting – update on cameras installed – maintenance issues? 2012 Public Safety – Police and Fire, different Supervisors – removed them – wants officers protected on streets – what drove that decision? Where are they going to be placed?

Craig – Thanks his wife for putting up with 33 years of marriage.

Hicks-Hudson – Tomorrow night, 6 PM at the Fredrick Douglas Center, street paving meeting for her district.

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