Sunday, March 10, 2013


I must admit: I really don’t pay much attention to global warming/global cooling scenarios.

Living on the western end of Lake Erie and having visited the glacial groves on the nearby islands many times, I know that this area was once covered by an ice sheet.

Obviously, the earth has warmed since then.

But I know others who believe that man is responsible for negligible increases in the overall temperature of the earth, but those negligible increases are, in their eyes, catastrophic!

And those others (Al Gore) predict that unless we go back to living like cave men, all the ice at both poles will melt, causing the oceans to rise, cities to flood, crops to fail, gloom, doom and zombies.

Well, maybe not the zombie part – but you get the drift.

Of course, if everyone on the planet had to stop using electricity and revert to wood fires for warmth, cooking, etc… can you imagine the amount of carbon we’d put into the atmosphere? But I digress…

And if it’s man causing all the warming, what explains the warming on other planets in our solar system? Perhaps the alien theorists are right after all?

After hearing, nearly all my life, that the planet was warming and it was all my fault, imagine my surprise when I read the latest report from The Space and Science Research Corporation that says the earth is actually cooling!

SSRC is an independent scientific research organization and, according to their own website:

“…the leading research organization in the United States on the subject of the science and planning for the next climate change to a long lasting cold era especially with regard to alerting the government, the media, and the people of the need to prepare for this new climate era.”

No modesty there.

They also brag about their record:

“The SSRC and its President, Mr. John L. Casey, have an established record of accuracy in climate change predictions using the Relational Cycle Theory or RC Theory of climate change, a theory based on solar cycles as the main drivers behind the Earth's variations in climate.”

Last month they released the Executive Summary of their Global Climate Status Report for 2013 which warns “what is really happening with the climate.”

“In the Executive Summary, the SSRC report authors show convincing evidence that the Earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures are on a long term temperature cool down as a result of the just started reduction in the Sun's energy output. Called a "solar hibernation," this rare and powerful natural cycle of the Sun has been shown to bring long and potentially dangerous cold climate eras to the planet.”

In light of upcoming Congressional action on the idea of a carbon tax, Casey said:

"This report was planned for some time. Clearly though, its release at this time is intended to put some reality into the ongoing Congressional debates about to begin on the administration's proposed new carbon taxes and other regulations supposedly designed to stop manmade global warming. The government's release of its own draft climate assessment report continues to show our government is on the wrong track for addressing climate change and is still shackled to the disproved greenhouse gas theory of climate change. As is well known, however, past predictions about the climate using that theory have been all wrong, global warming ended years ago, and now a new cold climate has arrived. The general public and our leaders need the truth about climate change at their disposal before making long term decisions about climate change for government policy and managing their day-to-day lives. This next climate change to a potentially dangerous cold climate needs to be well understood by all so they can best prepare for what is coming.”

So what is coming??

“The Earth has left the past era of global warming, caused primarily by the Sun, and is in the process of a rapid transition to a new cold climate. This next climate change is expected to last for at least the next forty years. The extent and depth of the cold weather produced in this new climate era is estimated to be the worst in over two hundred years. As such, it will likely be historic in scale and highly destructive globally in terms of crop damage and human suffering. Based on past cold climates of this type, the most likely outcome for this next climate change will be worldwide social, political and economic upheaval, and substantial loss of life.”

But that’s not all…

“In conclusion, the SSRC believes existing climate change indicators support the Summary Climate Assessment that a new potentially dangerous cold climate age has begun. It should be emphasized that unless a significant unexpected and rapid change in the present declining ocean and atmosphere temperature trends occurs, there are only two climate scenarios that appear likely at this time over the next forty years. Each scenario results in a new cold climate era.

One would be a Dalton class cold era with two hundred year cold weather records being set and the other being a Maunder class cold era with four hundred year cold weather records. A review of the history from these periods shows they were marked by significant increases in cold weather deaths, starvation though crop losses, and loss of life through concurrent civil unrest and warfare.

Both scenarios for the Earth’s climate future are likely to result in substantial, global, social disruption and loss of life. The difference will be one of degree.”


Now, I don’t know if the earth is warming or cooling – the scientists and so-called experts can’t agree and there is clearly no *consensus*. In fact, I’m not sure such things can ever be predicted. After all, they can’t even predict tomorrow’s weather very well…

But what I do know is this – whether by baking or freezing or something in between: WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

At least they agree on that and on this point, they’re probably right.


Alo Konsen said...

The obvious solutions: more taxes, more spending, and more regulation. Just ask any progbot.

Alo Konsen said...

The obvious solutions: more taxes, more spending, and more regulation. Just ask any progbot.

Necromancer said...

Eventually although I don't plan on it for the next 25 years. But then I'm almost 70 so who knows.

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