Thursday, August 10, 2006

School Funding

Thanks to RightAngleBlog, I came across this website which gives all kinds of great information on our school funding.

Interestingly, when you compare per pupil operating revenue among the various Lucas County school districts, you'll see that most schools between 1990 and 2005 got between $1,000 and $3,000 per pupil in state funding and that their local funds far exceeded the state amount.

EXCEPT Toledo Public Schools...

TPS has gotten operating revenue between $3,000 and $5,000 per pupil from the state (higher than the other districts) and our local funds have been between $2,000 and $3,000 (but not reaching $3,000) per pupil.

Lots of interesting conclusions can be drawn from these charts...have fun!


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

To me, it would seem that the overhead for TPS is out of whack, but I may have missed something.

The TPS "numbers" of grades/graduations vs, costs would make for interesting viewing. . .

Do said...

If we (Toledo schools) are receiving almost double what other districts are, per student, then why in the world are our teachers having to buy supplies for their classrooms/students?

Why are we 'levied' every time we turn around? What are WE, as taxpayers/parents/students, getting for our investment?

This whole school system situation is appalling, disconcerting, and most certainly providing a medium for disgust and contempt to breed.

I just had lunch the other day with a couple folks who are very active in community affairs. One of them is a program leader at Woodward HS. She was saying that when she returned to the school after a short recess, for sanity maintenance, that she was told she is now assigned to a different program. No input from her, no asking of her opinion, no consideration that perhaps her best talents were already in use. Just POOF! - now you need to go here. I thought that that type of thing would be extremely counter productive. Perhaps her best talents will be lost in this new area. And what happens to the students she has been working with for the past couple years?

I think that Mr. Foley deserves a fair chance to see if he can clean up Sanders' mess. yes - I said mess. If, in fact, he can then he should be retained as the permanent super.

The Sanders-ite members of the Board need to be replaced. It's more than apparent at these meetings that they are only prepared to support Sanders, not our kids. And if those board members are not mature enough to realize that even though the leadership of TPS has changed they have no right to punish our children and teachers with their tantrums.

A close look (aka audit) of our TPS performace/spending by some outside entity is perhaps what it will take to show the public that it's not our teachers or students that are the only responsible parties in our failures. It's the leaders that are creating such an atmosphere of contempt, animosity, disgust, and despair that causes some of our teachers and students to throw their hands in the air and just 'do time' in order to get out alive.

Maggie said...

wow, do, tell us how your really feel!

Actually, I understand the frustration when it comes to our kids and I think you've made some excellent points!

Do said...

Maggie - I'm known for just saying what I think. ;)

Probably why I will never run for office anywhere. My term, if I ever got elected, would be over in about 20 minutes.

I prefer this side of the desk - lets me vent with a sense of security.


Kate said...

Big standing ovation for Do!!!!

The adminstrative personnel is a ricidulous percentage of the school systems' annual cost.

Hooda thunkit you're not missing anything. It's like an upside down pyramid.

We're levied constantly because this top heavy monster needs to be fed. Continuously.

The board needs two new members next year - that will help. I hope that Foley can get the job done and he sure deserves a chance to do so.

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