Thursday, September 21, 2006

Michael Miller's wit

Micheal Miller, editor in chief of the Toledo Free Press (see link at the side), always does a column each week. Some are serious, some are thought-provoking and some are just plain in this week's column, "Words to live by (in Toledo)."

(I'd provide a direct link, but it's not available electronically, yet.)

He's nominated some words for inclusion in the 2007 Merriam-Webster dictionary and you must read the entire list. While I think it's a sad reflection on what's going one, I'm particularly flattered by:

Entry: thur*ber
Definition: To be cordoned off; split from main body; inappropriately separated from a process.
Usage: The fire left the deer thurbered in the woods. They are thurbering her by making decisions without her input.

My favorite entry in his list is "bi*sect*ual - "a political party divided into conflicting sections. The local Democrats are split in two teams, so each side of the donkey is a half-ass, bisectual version of the whole."

Read the entire list and let me know your favorites...or create your own!

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Unknown said...

lol - I agree that Michael does have quite the wit.


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