Sunday, September 03, 2006

Off to Hungary

For the past two weeks, we've had a visitor from our sister-county of Csongrad, Hungary, here in Lucas County. Mr. Arpad Varga is a member of the Csongrad General Assembly, which is the counter-part to our board of county commissioners, and he was here in May for the official visit commemorating our 10-year anniversay of the Csongrad-Lucas sister county agreement.

Arpad arrived August 19th, but his luggage was 4 days late. During his visit, which was part business and part vacation, he spent time learning about our plan commission, attending both a BCC and plan commission meeting, visiting the Sylvania Senior Center, meeting with hospital representatives about transparency in billing and customer service, and getting a demonstration of the electronic voting machines along with a tour of the Board of Elections.

He also went on a sailboat race, enjoyed a traditional back-yard bar-b-que with homemade apple pie and was a featured guest at the Birmingham Festival.

On Tuesday, I will travel to Csongrad to participate in several events as part of the 10-year commemoration of our sister county agreement. I will visit Arpad's home town of Szentes, attend the Mako Onion Festival and host our County booth at their fair. I will participate in several other cultural events and activities, including two panel discussions.

I'll be posting updates on my visit (as well as photos) here and on the county website. I hope that you will follow along!


Hooda Thunkit said...

Enjoy and God speed Maggie!

Maggie Thurber said...

thank you!

Do said...

Have a good time! I'll be keeping an eye on the Point while you're gone. ;)

-Sepp said...

I was in Hungary back in 1996 taking R&R on Lake Balaton. You will love it. Hungary is Europe's best kept tourism secret.

Maggie Thurber said... a lot about Hungary in preparation. I won't be able to get to Lake Balaton, but am hoping to sample some of the Hungarian wines made from the traditional Hungarian grapes which are grown in that area.

From everything I've learned, I believe that your description as Europe's kept secret must be true!

Thanks, do!

Kate said...

Be safe and be well! God speed Maggie

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