Monday, January 28, 2008

Excerpts from the State of the Union

As prepared for delivery:

On trusting and empowering the American people:

“From expanding opportunity to protecting our country, we have made good progress. Yet we have unfinished business before us, and the American people expect us to get it done. In the work ahead, we must be guided by the philosophy that made our Nation great. As Americans, we believe in the power of individuals to determine their destiny and shape the course of history…So in all we do, we must trust in the ability of free people to make wise decisions, and empower them to improve their lives and their futures.”

On the economy:

“To build a prosperous future, we must trust people with their own money and empower them to grow our economy. As we meet tonight, our economy is undergoing a period of uncertainty… And at kitchen tables across our country, there is concern about our economic future. In the long run, Americans can be confident about our economic growth.”

On earmarks:

“The people's trust in their Government is undermined by congressional earmarks…”

On the importance of trade:

“On trade, we must trust American workers to compete with anyone in the world and empower them by opening up new markets overseas. Today, our economic growth increasingly depends on our ability to sell American goods, crops, and services all over the world… These agreements will level the playing field. They will give us better access to nearly 100 million customers. And they will support good jobs for the finest workers in the world: those whose products say ‘Made in the USA.’"

“If we fail to pass this [Colombia free trade] agreement, we will embolden the purveyors of false populism in our hemisphere. So we must come together, pass this agreement, and show our neighbors in the region that democracy leads to a better life.”

On the surge in Iraq:

“The Iraqi people quickly realized that something dramatic had happened. Those who had worried that America was preparing to abandon them instead saw…our forces moving into neighborhoods, clearing out the terrorists, and staying behind to ensure the enemy did not return…While the enemy is still dangerous and more work remains, the American and Iraqi surges have achieved results few of us could have imagined just 1 year ago…”

On the American people:

“The secret of our strength, the miracle of America, is that our greatness lies not in our Government, but in the spirit and determination of our people.”


Ben said...

I missed the speech by saw highlights and read it. Looked like a pretty good one. Hopefully the next person giving the SOTU isnt Obama or Clinton.

Tim Higgins said...


It is gratifying to know that the writer's strike did not extend to the government. These were strong, eloquent words presented by a man who, though I believe he is sometimes misguided, honestly believes in the future of the country.

I am concerned however over the reality of 8 years of increased government intrusion and program expansion. This self-avowed "compassionate conservative" has never quite managed to prove in deeds the noble words that he has spoken.

I would like to believe that there is yet an opportunity for him to change the course that the government of this country has charted under his leadership; but with 7/8 of the journey complete, I fear that we have been subjected to nothing more than inspiring (but empty) rhetoric.

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