Thursday, January 03, 2008

Presidential candidate matrix

In case you want to know where any of the presidential candidates stand on the issues, MSNBC has an interesting and pretty detailed candidate matrix.


Robin said...

Thanks for the link!

The A-Hole Lawyer said...

After watching the New Hampshire debates I am no closer to picking a candidate.

I wish MOST of Ron Paul's views could be presented by a less "Ross Perot" like figure, who was not so extreme on the anit-war issue. I wish I had a more confidence in Romney's proported beliefs on conservative issues, and I just wish Guliani was more conservative overall.

But - outside of national defense - McCain showed his true colors again proving him to be a RINO. Immigration, energy, free speech (campaign finance reform)are all issues he is firmly closer to the Democrats on than I.

Will Huckabee continue his roll? I am not convinced, but he will make an interesting choice in the primary. Thompson remains my favorite, but I just don't think he will make it.

With such divergence of thought, experience, and style we have perhaps the best chance in history to vote for the candidate who shares our beliefs on issues, tally them up, and pick the candidate with which we share the most beliefs.

Many of the Republican candidates have acutal methods to improve on the issues they speak of, not just rhetoric - with no plan. Not just "change for change sake" but, here is the needed change, and here is the way to implement the change.

Keep your eyes on the prize people, safety, lower taxes to KEEP our economy strong, and less government control. Need an example of how well government can control things - Look no further than the Erie Street Market.


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