Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fireworks tonight!!!

Tonight, if the weather holds, is one of the best fireworks displays in all the area - the Point/Shoreland/Washington Township Fireworks sponsored by the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department and made possible by the donations of many individuals and businesses in the area.

They close off the Summit Street Bridge over the Ottawa River and begin the festivities at dusk. There are multiple viewing points in the Ottawa River (if you have a boat) or at any of the public access sites along Ottawa River Road, Shoreland Avenue or Summit Street. The newly renamed Harry Kessler Park at the corner of Ottawa River and 290th Street is a good location with parking and plenty of grassy areas for seating. Many people park in the Merchants Landing parking lot (Summit & Jasik Dr. just before the state line) as this gives an unobstructed view of the fireworks in probably the closest, safe vantage point.

If you plan on coming out to the Point for the yearly extravaganza, leave early for a good spot and ... Enjoy!

"Fireworks are an art form that uses the night sky as the canvas."
-Larry Crump

"You can look up at the stars and every night they're going to be in the same place, but you can launch a six inch shell and you don't really know what it's going to look like until it actually performs."
- James Sousa

"We anoint their fuses with a tiny amount of fire, and they come alive, playing out their life span in a matter or seconds. In those few seconds a crack in the universe is opened, giving us a glimpse of the energy locked within all matter."
-Bob Weaver

"I often use the word "joy" when describing fireworks. It is a considered word, deliberate in choice. Not just amusement, entertainment, astonishment, but joy. Our art makes us all into children again for a while. We become one in our experience for the moment; lost in the sound and color and light. We see large forces, stronger than we could ever be, yet beautiful in their effects. Sometimes violent, sometimes restrained. Delicate beyond imagination at times, coarse and rude at others."
-Bill Withrow

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Tim Higgins said...


How few things hold the same joy in adulthood that they did for us in childhood? Anyone who says that their spirit is not lifted by the sight of fireworks display has no soul.

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