Sunday, June 29, 2008

'Stuck on stupid' Toledo dictionary

My friend and fellow blogger, Tim Higgins, who posts at Just Blowing Smoke, has started a new series called the "Stuck On Stupid" Toledo Dictionary.

It's a take on my regular 'stuck on stupid' rants on Eye On Toledo, where I point out all the idiotic and ridiculous decisions, laws and regulations of local elected officials and government in general.

In his first post, he defines the term "emergency," as in the immediate passage of Toledo City Council ordinances on their first appearance on the agenda.

His second post focuses on the definitions of 'TARTA' and 'business friendly.' Unfortunately, the two terms appear to be opposites.

Surf over and read them - perhaps you'll even have additions to the dictionary, based upon your own experiences.

1 comment:

Tim Higgins said...


My only fear in taking on this endeavor is that the entries of SOS Toledoisms will come to fast for me to keep up with.

Thanks for permission to use "Stuck on Stupid", and for your friendship.

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