Monday, January 26, 2009

Is this really 'news'?

Today's paper has a long article about a local club raising its fees.

The 120-year-old Toledo Club, long a place for movers and shakers to see and be seen, decided to impose a temporary monthly assessment in addition to the dues/charges already in place.

But many clubs in the area (golf, country clubs and boating) are facing similar circumstances and they don't warrant a mention, much less a 34-paragraph news story.

So, does anyone else find it strange that the financial situation of one of the clubs in Toledo gets this much attention from The Blade? Or was it just a slow news day?


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


The Blah is a dying dinosaur, reliving past "glories" and reporting (unobjectivly, I hasten to add) what it can still catch and chew on.

Sad, isn't it?


Hot Dog Man said...

I would guess JRB is a member of the club and is ticked that he has to pay more. I doubt he plays golf so doesn't care about golf clubs raising rates. But realitically, he has to fill the pages with something, with so little advertising he has a lot of extra space to fill!

Hot Dog Man said...

Well after reading the article, I think this calls for Carty and the County Commissioners to get involved. The Toledo Club is in danger of losing parts of its building...this can't happen, maybe they can move the club to the United Way building so the current building can be repaired, then also fix up the United Way building so that organization won't want to leave....all with tax dollars from the city & county. Carty & Ben are missing the boat on this one!

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