Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday morning humor: accountants seek bailout

My friend, Warner Todd Huston who writes at Publius' Forum, has a great satire you should read about accountants seeking a bailout.

Warner, a fellow blogger whom I met at Samsphere, has taken comments and positions we've heard from all the industries seeking tax dollars, mixed in some highly creative names and organizations, and written one of the funniest (ha-ha) and saddest (because it's so close to the truth) pieces I've read in a long time.

He cross-posted this to Red State, a blog run by another Samsphere alum, Erick Erickson. You must read the comments asking for the links to the made-up news. As one comment says, 'the sign of good satire is that someone takes it seriously.'

Of course, some might have taken it more seriously than they should. included the story on their Business Exchange site under the category of credit crunch.

When I informed Warner of the link from Business Week, he responded (with further demonstration of his wit):

"OK, now that is just truly .... I have slipped into another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mindlessness, the next stop, at the sign post up ahead... THE MEDIA ZONE.

I MUST be from another universe where satire would not get linked as a legitimate news story!

Either that or my evil intentions have finally born fruit.
I am just knocked out that my satire is being so ridiculously misunderstood, truthfully. It couldn't be more ridiculous if I had asked Paul Shanklin to record it and then have Chip Saltsman send it out to everyone in the GOP!

In case you're a bit in the dark about Saltsman, you can catch up here.

Rest assured, it is satire, and a good read for a lazy Sunday morning.


Publius said...

It's just too ridiculous! Thanks for finding this, Maggie. I'll be laughing at this all day!

Timothy W Higgins said...


I find nothing surprising in this posting, but something a little sad. It appears that the concept of fact checking before writing a story has disappeared from journalism. Rather than do something once required in Journalism 101 classes, media today seizes on whatever it can to bolster the position it has taken before writing a story (something that journalism likewise tells us should not be done).

Kudos to Publius for outstanding use of the fun house mirror, and for excellent creative writing as well. He inspires those of us who choose to poke a bit of fun at the media intelligencia to greater heights of satire, irony, and sarcasm.

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