Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Demand A Vote - Toledo

The citizen initiative to amend the Toledo Charter is now on line. The website, We Demand Vote - Toledo is linked in my left-hand column and contains downloadable petitions.

We Demand A Vote - Toledo seeks to change the way the city uses red-light and speed cameras. The petitions contain the actual charter language the group hopes to submit to the voters.

Petitions will be available at Delaney's Lounge, 309 W. Alexis, Toledo. You can pick them up to circulate them, or you can sign one to help put the issue on the ballot.

The website includes information about why the group is opposed to the current red-light/speed camera law, and my previous post on the subject explains some of my due process concerns.

Approximately 4,700 signatures are required and need to be submitted to city council by late summer.


Unknown said...

I myself am a victim of a mailed citation for a speedcamera. What bothers me is that from what I've read, the Ohio General Assembly seems to have Amended the regulations pertaining to traffic photo enforcement, and nowhere does it cite speed as a qualifying citation. in fact, Further reading seems to suggest that they again revised the code, and it was stated that these cameras are not to be used in the enforcement of any other traffic laws unless an officer is present at the cam location to process the violation. Any thoughts? or is this some sort of fallacy generated by the net? the official .gov site that lists the codes don't seem to reflect these amendments, passed by the OGA in 05 and in 06.

Maggie said...

Christopher - it was HB 56 (126th General Assembly) and it was vetoed by the governor in 2006.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I was really trying hard to find some way to invalidate the citation as while I agree with the concept they are trying to drive home in people's minds (don't run red lights) I adamantly disagree with the process being used to effect that concept. I will happily be signing the COAST petition as soon as I get the chance to stop by, and I'm sure I can find a few friends that will do so as well. Any suggestions for contesting the fine?

Maggie said...

Any suggestions for contesting the fine?

Talk to an attorney...

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