Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finkbeiner's letter to employees asking for concessions

Several news outlets have mentioned the second unfair labor practice charge that was filed by the Toledo Police Patrolman's Association against Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

They state that a letter sent to all city employees seeking concessions violates the collective bargaining agreement because it went from the administration directly to the employees, bypassing their negotiating team. In a previous post about Carty versus the unions, commenter toledo1 mentioned this letter.

City Councilman Joe McNamara is also on record about this mailing, questioning the wisdom of expending roughly $2,000 to send out a letter to all city employees, using city letterhead, envelopes, labels and staff time, not to mention postage.

Here is what was so important for Carty to communicate with all city employees:

McNamara is right. Even if this isn't an unfair labor practice violation, it certainly could have been sent via email.


Hot Dog Man said...

I try to be positive when speaking of others but quite simply, finkbeiner is an egotistic buffoon. He should run for the US Senate...where it could no longer hurt Toledo directly and his voice could be muted!

Maggie said...

Oh NOooooo!

We've already exported Toledo's failed policies into the city - and you want to export it to the state and the U.S. Senate????

say it ain't so!

Hot Dog Man said...

well, his ego would be lost in a sea of larger egos. I mean how often do we hear any news reports about Sen. Voinavich? rarely. It would get Carty out of Toledo for at least 6-years and he would have to learn a little humility simply because the other senators would not tolerate his crap! It might give the city time to begin healing!

toledo1 said...

I'd rather just see him retire his political hat. No more damage at any level! And $2000 for a mailing? Ridiculous waste of money.

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