Saturday, June 27, 2009

'Big Brother' is here

A while back I blogged about the proposal from First Energy to give homes a programmable thermostat which could be remotely controlled by them to address such concerns as peak power demands.

Today's paper has an article about the consumers who've actually taken advantage of this. Apparently, more than 1,500 homes in Northwest Ohio had their air conditioning turned down eight times last year - by First Energy. And another 10,000 or so homes with the thermostats are subject to the control.

The article says the agreement with the energy company allows for them to remotely activate the thermostats up to 20 times per year.

While there has been no effort this year to expand the program, FirstEnergy is studying other technologies that would allow thermostats to be similarly controlled via the Internet.

As electricity demand increases and outpaces additional supply, using centrally controlled technologies on high-demand days could help alleviate the need to build additional generation plants.

Right now, this is a voluntary program between supplier and customer. But in light of what the House did last night with the global warming bill, do you think government will mandate such control in the future?


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


I most certainly do.

Cradle to grave control of every aspect of our lives is the goal of the now in charge Obama Socialists.

After all, they DO know what's best for us, or so they would have us believe.

I am now and will always remain a Capitalist, having seen the things that unfettered Capitalism can do vs. the repressive Socialist's ways. . .

Anonymous said...

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Kadim said...

I don't think so, the Government won't have to. Utilities will have savings for those who install those types of thermostats.

The long-run potential is for a system which says "yeah, you can have your a/c now, but the going rate is .20/kwh, but if you turn it on two hours from now, it'll only be .07/kwh."

navyvet said...

Hi Maggie,

You are such a doubting Thomas. I on the other hand am a trusting soul.

Last summer, we were chosen to receive a free thermostat that would allow remote control to change the setting "to save energy"....especially during a heat wave.

We were chosen because we used more than the average k-watts per month according to their records....but free is free....and I trust my utility as much as I trust my pastor....sort of....

We keep the thermometer at 62 in the winter (gas) and 78 in the summer....(teco). There was no way we were above average. But is free.

The brochure/offer they sent contained minimal info....but it looked promising. It basically said "Trust Us!" I 'THINK" I could manually override their decision to change my thermo setting.....cancel the "service" if I wished....and somehow be in ultimate control....definitely a man thing. What could possibly go wrong?

Then I morphed into you....a doubting Thomas/customer. I called Teco, the old CEI (Cleveland) and First Engerknee (Akron)...NOBODY knew what I was talking about concerning a free thermometer w/ remote control. I then began to have further doubts....imagine that.

I later went to an exhibit at Tamoshanter w/ Sylvania businesses showing their stuff. Nothing better than free plastic bags, ice cream and cookies. Then, lo and behold I come across the "Edison" booth. I thought to myself that I must be living a clean life. What are the chances?

I walked up, smiled and gave them my story. They smiled, apologized and had no idea what I was talking about.

All I wanted was more info about the plan....contract?....escape clauses?....more facts? As they say in East Toledo....nobody knew nuthin.

This all resulted in no action....nada....nuthin....I think I gave up.

With today's Blah least something has happened. I have not yet read it.

It seems obvious that doing anything w/b better than allowing the grid to crash. I was willing to do my part....all I wanted was more info. It was not meant to be.....

I did ASSUME that a residence w/b the caboose on the train....not the engine or coal car when cutting back service. Five factories, four skyscrapers and two Golden Arches should go first. That is my way of thinking. But I am a Senior least by age.

One must sell a plan before we baboons accept it....they didn't. My bad....or theirs?

I can't wait for the guvernmint to come up with a plan to lower the toilet seat from the 22nd floor.

At long last, Karty could be good at something.


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