Friday, June 19, 2009

My last night on radio

Tonight was my last night as host of Eye On Toledo on NewsTalk 1370 WSPD.

Last month my husband accepted a new project for his business and it requires him to travel more often. After having lost a dear friend last week to cancer, we realize more acutely just how important it is to spend time with those you love. Accordingly, I will be traveling with him when he's gone for extended periods of time.

Of course, that means that I won't be available to do a daily radio show.

I'm so very appreciative of Brian Wilson and WSPD for giving me the opportunity to do the show and for everything I learned.

I'm especially grateful for the listeners who make the show worth doing. It is the WSPD audience - those who listen, email and call, who have restored my faith that all is not lost for Toledo and Lucas County. All of you who think and reason and use logic – and, most importantly, common sense – and who are taking positive action to affect real change, have restored my hope in the future of our community. I want to encourage you to continue to call and email and pester our elected officials and candidates to do the right things – thanking them when they do and replacing them when they don’t.

I hope you will be as welcoming and supportive of the new host as you were to me.

It should go without saying that I will continue the blog. In fact, many of the points I made on air will now end up being made here, instead ... they'll just be in writing, rather than spoken word.

So stay tuned - it's going to be an interesting summer!


Carol said...

I'm glad you made that decision. Life is too short, as we all know.

Enjoy life. Revel in all the wonders that each new day holds. Don't miss anything!

You had a great ride at WSPD. Who knows ... maybe in another time you can, and will, return to radio. You definitely have what it takes to hold the listener's attention.

Now, my friend, go pour that glass of wine, assume the position in the lounge chair and toast all the wonderful things that are your life. :)

navyvet said...


You will really be missed on radio...perhaps you don't know how much.

Will be checking TT daily.

Be happy and have safe travels.

Roman said...

You will leave a void on WSPD, they may fill the time, but not in your gracious and credible way. As you and your husband continue on your way through life, I wish you all the best.

With the WWW being what it is, I do look forward to your blog each day from wherever you may be.

God bless you and yours!

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


The one thing that's constant in this world is change, and we must roll with the changes, accept them and adapt.

You leave a mighty big pair of shoes to fill, but we'll try to adapt and make your successor welcome.

Via con Dios, mi (almost) Amigo!

Tim Higgins said...


You gathered an extensive audience and any who follows you will suffer by comparison. I am happy that you will continue to blog however, and happier still that you and Sam will get to spend more time together.

Brian Maxson said...

I've enjoyed your presence in the community. I've also enjoyed your refreshing approach to being honest about the issues that face the community.

Your departure from the airwaves truly will leave a void that will be extremely difficult to fill.

I hope that things work out well for you as you take advantage of these crossroads you find yourself facing.

Be well, Maggie...

The A-Hole Lawyer said...

Good work, and god bless.


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