Wednesday, June 17, 2009

House Democrats shut out GOP

I'm signed up to get a daily update from Erick Erickson who runs The e-letter lists pertinent national posts by various bloggers. The last item this morning was this:

4. House Democrats Shut GOP Entirely Out of Process

The writers of the Federalist Papers would not be amused

Last night the House Democrats denied the Republican members of the House the right to offer amendments to spending bills before the Congress.

This is the first time in American history the majority has denied the minority the right to offer up amendments to spending bills. The first time. Ever.

So much for bipartisanship, openness and inclusion ... and don't be surprised if bills get no Republican support.


gordon gekko said...

Democrats are clearly the party of inclusiveness.


The US Media

Hooda Thunkit (a.k.a. Dave Zawodny) said...

Umm, don't you mean exclusiveness?

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