Thursday, December 17, 2009

Guest hosting on WSPD

I'll have light postings through next Tuesday because I'll be filling in for Brian Wilson from 3-6 p.m. on NewsTalk 1370 WSPD.

We're playing musical chairs due to morning show host Fred LeFebvre's vacation.

I'll try to post links to the issues we discuss on air after the show, but I'll hope you'll join me for the conversations!

1 comment:

navyvet said...


But Maggie, there is nothing to talk about. s/off

Heck, you could spend an hour just talking about the mayor's daily press "announcements" touting good "nooz" happening in T town, most of which is NBD (no big deal)and all of which he had nothing to do with.

Until 3pm.... :)

Going over to check the speedy clock....would love to put steroids in it to hasten the countdown. Don't I wish.


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