Saturday, March 06, 2010

Continued light postings

As I explained in an earlier post, there are light postings until the 13th due to limited internet access. And since my access is limited, I haven't been able to keep up on the goings on in the Toledo region in order to do a longer post, so here are two articles I'd like to share:

"The Census: Vehicle for Social Engineering" is an interesting look at how the data collected can be used - both for good and bad. I'm still staggering over the amount of money being spent to 'promote' the process and wondering exactly why Congress believes spending all that money to collect information about how many people there are is justified. While the Census is mandated in the Constitution, many of the additional data collected - and how it is used - is not. And I'm certain our founders would not be pleased.

My friend Stephen Kruiser is a professional stand-up comic as well as a fellow blogger. He recently went to Iraq to entertain the troops and wrote this entertaining and informative piece upon his return. It's a view that isn't shared as often as it should be and I hope you'll take the time to read about the terrific and amazing people who keep us safe.

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