Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kaptur votes for Slaughter Rule

Michelle Malkin has the story...

And so does American Spectator:

Earlier this afternoon, House Democrats voted down a Republican measure that would have prevented the use of the "deem and pass" strategy, or Slaughter rule, paving the way for the House to pass the Senate bill without directly voting on it.

Here's the Roll Call Vote.

Basically, our representative, Marcy Kaptur, has decided that a vote is not necessary - that all the House has to do is 'deem' the health care vote to have taken place and passed, despite the fact that the Constitution requires a vote.

Wouldn't it be nice if you and I could do something like this? I know I'd like to 'deem' my taxes paid...

Additionally, this email was sent out by Rep. Eric Cantor's press secretary:

All –

The House just voted on the Cantor Resolution “That the House disapproves of the malfeasant manner in which the Democratic Leadership has thereby discharged the duties of their offices.” Those who voted against the resolution denounced Democrat leadership for their use of the “Slaughter Solution” to deceive the American people.

Final Vote: 232-181
R: 0-171
D: 232-10

To put it more clearly, the following 10 Democrats just denounced Speaker Pelosi, Leader Hoyer, Whip Clyburn, Conference Chairman Larson, and DCCC Chairman Van Hollen and the rest of the Democrat Leadership.

Rep. Boren
Rep. Childers
Rep. Giffords
Rep. Kissell
Rep. McIntyre
Rep. Mitchell
Rep. Minnick
Rep. Perriello
Rep. Shuler
Rep. Taylor

Note the absence of Marcy's name....


James said...

Maggie, if we could only "deem" our bills are paid. Just imagine that. Utopia. It's obvious our representative does not want her name or vote attached to this mess.

We Demand Freedom said...

How about simply deeming that Marcy is no longer our representative? Well, if that doesn't work now, we'll have to do it at the polls.

Brian said...

Abandonment of responsibility; she was elected to perform a stated job so do the dam thing, what’s so hard about this. Week after week, year after year, all we ever see is our elected officials wiggling out of their responsibility. If she doesn’t want to do the job them go home and let some one else do.

Mad Jack said...

I think I'll take some time this afternoon and email Marcy about her vote. I'll likely email Reps. Boren, Childers, Giffords, Kissell, McIntyre, Mitchell, Minnick, Perriello, Shuler and Taylor and thank them.

Slaughter rule? This is incredible.

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