Monday, March 15, 2010

Who are the activists in the Tea Party Movement?

The Sam Adams Alliance, a free-market organization in Chicago, recently published a study that looks at Tea Party activists, who they are, their motivations and future plans.

The report, The Early Adopters, is an insightful examination of the movement, in the words of the people who are involved and leading it.

Part of what they learned:

* A large number are politically involved for the first time. 47 percent of activists surveyed said that they were "uninvolved" or "rarely involved" in politics before their participation in Tea Party groups.

* When asked which issues were "very important" to them, 92 percent said "budget," 85 percent said "economy," and 80 percent said "defense."

* No respondents listed social issues as an "important direction" for the movement.

* 86 percent oppose the formation of a third-party.

* 90 percent cited "to stand up for my beliefs" when characterizing their initial reason for involvement.

* 62 percent identified as Republicans, 28 percent as Independents, 10 percent as "Tea Party"

I hope you'll take the time to read the report and see for yourself how the activists involved in the movement see themselves.

There's also a video!

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