Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jacob letter to alumni over union dispute on UT reorganization

This letter was sent to University of Toledo alumni from President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs. It includes a link to the court ruling denying a request for an injunction on the reorganization requested by the union representing UT faculty:

To Alumni:

Over the past week or so news reports have talked about a request by the UT- AAUP, the union representing the University's faculty, for an injunction to maintain the status quo while a grievance by the union over the University's Reorganization Plan is processed.

The Reorganization Plan merges the Judith Herb College of Education and the College of Health Science and Human Service and reorganizes the College of Arts and Sciences into three colleges. The new Colleges are the College of Visual and Performing Arts, College of Natural Science and Mathematics and the College of Language, Literature and Social Science. The Honors College and the College of Innovative Learning have also been created. Additionally, twelve interdisciplinary schools have been created.

Most importantly, the reorganization will, we believe, make the University more accessible to students, parents and other stakeholders. We believe it will create synergies that will enhance our creativity. We will always keep students in our minds as we make changes, valuing highly our commitment to student centeredness.

On December 13, 2010 Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge Gary Cook denied the request of the UT-AAUP allowing the reorganization to move forward. Should you wish to read Judge Cook’s ruling, please click on the link below.


It is important to see this occurrence in broader context. The world of Higher Education is changing rapidly. The University of Toledo is committed to staying relevant and therefore must change. Indeed, our desire to be in a leadership role for the region and nation requires flexibility and responsiveness. While I am saddened that the exchange between the Faculty and the Trustees and President took place in a courtroom, the exchange itself was healthy and addresses issues that all of Higher Education is facing.

I will continue to communicate with you our valued UT alumni about the ongoing reorganization and all of the exciting events going forward at your University of Toledo.

Happy Holidays.

Lloyd A. Jacobs, M.D.

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