Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tis the season and nativity scenes abound in Mexico

My husband, Sam, travels often to Mexico as his clients have facilities in that country. One of the things he's noticed over the years is the open display of nativity scenes during the Christmas season and the "Merry Christmas" greeting extended to others.

Upon arrival at my hotel here in Cancun for the UN climate change conference, I was able to witness this display first hand as the centerpiece in the lobby was a huge, beautifully lit Christmas tree with an almost life-size nativity scene next to it.

This shouldn't be a surprise in a country where Roman Catholics comprise 89% of the population (according to Wikipedia). But as an American who is seeing a constant assault on such religious displays in the public domain because they have the gall to 'offend' someone, it is a welcome site.

Even though my church (the church of Christ) does not celebrate Christmas as Christ's birth, I like the open display of a person's faith. The Mexican government has not sanctioned these displays, nor have they opposed them. As a result, businesses like this hotel are not concerned with whether or not a person takes offense at the display, nor are they worried about being sued for it. They have put it out and if you don't happen to like it, you don't have to look at it - or you can go to a different hotel if you choose.

Perhaps those who oppose such displays in the United States could learn something from the Mexicans and show a bit of the 'tolerance' for other peoples' religion that they expect for themselves.

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