Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top 10 worst economic myths

Every year the Business & Media Institute reviews the year's news and comes up with their top 10 worst economic myths. Here is their 2010 list:

10. GM Repayment Shows Taxpayer Bailout Worked

9. All the Economy Needs is More Stimulus

8. Soda is Like Cocaine and Ads Cause Obesity

7. Obama the Tax Cutter

6. The Tea Parties are Astroturf, but Green Groups Aren't.

5. Despite Largest Budget in History, Obama is Fiscally Conservative

4. Lack of Press Freedom in Gulf Doesn't Point to Obama

3. Nearly 10 Percent Unemployment Isn't So Bad

2. ClimateGate? What ClimateGate?

1. The Chamber of Commerce is Taking "Secret Foreign Money" for Election

For details and background on why these items made the top 10 worst economy myths list, see the full article here.

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Norma said...

This is a terrific list. Love that "ads cause obesity" one.

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