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Live from Cancun - AFP Hot Air Tour - Part 2

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Ohioans Gena Bell and Nita Thomas from Cincinnati are part of the activities here in Cancun - they've already done their skype broadcast to conservatives in Cinci.

Tim Phillips is speaking:

* started the Hot Air Tour to highlight how the left and the environmental movement efforts with Cap-and-Trade would lead to less jobs, higher energy prices and less freedom.

* we're winning the war against these draconian measures, thanks to the American people who have spoken loudly about what a bad idea this is.

* we now see that what they've failed to do legislatively, they're going to try to do through regulatory means via unelected bureaucrats in the EPA.

* the other purpose for today's efforts in Cancun is to highlight the hypocrisy of the people who want all of us to give up our luxuries while they don't - everything from big homes to SUVs to private planes and limos.

* the idea of rationing was promoted just before this conference began - showing a short video to emphasize the hypocrisy. While promoting rationing for us, they held a beachside fiesta with no rationing whatsoever.

* we also don't want Americans to forget the disasterous impact these policies will have on us. Mentioning Hillary Clinton's $100 billion transfer of wealth from us to developing nations to help them meet global warming goals.

* It's one thing for me (Tim) to talk about this - it's another to hear from Americans who know the impacts on real people.

Glenn Callas from Hot Springs, Arkansas:

* shocking to see how many Americans don't have a clue about what's going on. People are making decisions that will hurt my business - and you business - to address a cause based on junk science.

* there is a direct cost to us for these environmental policies - gas prices, according to the Congressional Budget Office, could double. If my gas prices go up, my profits go down and, in this economy, that could put me out of business.

* but it's not just the direct costs, the costs of materials (indirect costs) will also go up. Every piece of material has to be shipped and it will cost more to do that.

* and then there's the cost of compliance - forms and rules and regulations - paperwork that we have to complete.

* and that doesn't even get to the cost of failing to comply - the cost of enforcement and the fines if you don't cross your t's and dot your i's the right way.

* we cannot afford this - we need to stand up for freedom and capitalism and for the principles that made our nation great!

Tim Phillips:

* complimenting James Inhofe from Oklahoma - shared a video with us since he couldn't be here personally -

Sen. Jim Inhofe:

* describes himself as the top watchdog against the Obama Administration efforts on global warming regulations.

* emphasizing how the EPA had taken over the push to implement the negative policies that Congress cannot pass.

* He said in Copenhagen last year that, under no circumstances, would cap-and-trade pass in the Senate. I was right...and I couldn't be happier and Al Gore couldn't be more depressed that nothing is expected to come from the meetings here in Cancun.

* Kyoto protocol was "the first step toward creating one world government" ... it's one of the greatest hoaxes every perpetrated on the American people.

* we must continue to be courageous in this fight and in restoring the American Dream and turning around our economy.

Andrew Breitbart: (has book coming out called "Righteous Indignation")

* glad to be part of these 'hysterical shenanigans'

* amazing to see what's happened in the last 2 years - not about the science, but about the narrative. New media has started to fill in the void about what the American people really think.

* main stream media describes the tea-party movement as extreme, even though a vast majority of Americans agree with tea-party issues.

* media paints the majority opinions as 'extreme' and outside the norm...they are controlling the narrative - but that is changing.

* not an expert in global warming. But I don't need to be an expert to know that they are speaking in language intentionally designed to confuse and they're not saying anything worthwhile.

* they use peer reviews to justify each other and denigrate anyone who dares to question and hold them accountable.

* Gore's movie "Inconvenient Truth" was destined to receive an Oscar and Pres. Obama was destined to win the Nobel Prize just to show that they do control the narrative. But then along come bloggers who help expose the lies and hypocrisy and dare to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

* spent some time at Ariana Huffington's 8,000 square foot home, heard them talk about their private jets and they don't really want to change their lives to help the environment - why don't they use (as I asked in my earlier blog post - great minds....)

* Then came Phlem McAleer and his movie "Not Evil, Just Wrong" to point out all the errors in Gore's film. And adds that it's not about environmentalism - it's about capitalism...

* Compares that film to "Avatar" - the two things you see from the left is a desire to take the United States down a peg (militarily and economically). "Avatar" was anti-military and pro-environmentalism.

* Got a call from handler of James Cameron inviting him to a debate on global warming. Said 'good - we're finally able to engage where we've never been able to engage before.'

* We wanted to put it on film, but Cameron said audio only... Then we realized that they wanted us to back out so they could claim we were chicken ... So the rules continually changed all the way to the point of changing the topic from does the problem exist to what are the solutions?

* Of course, we said how do we discuss particular solutions to a made-up problem? At the last minute, Cameron backed out. And we called him out on it on

* After the fact, we learned that Rusty Humphries also agreed to do the same thing (debate James Cameron) earlier in the year only to have Cameron cancel that event as well.

* The joke is getting old - we have to take them on and make sure we make it not fun for them to show up to these events and promote their lies.

* Take your cameras and ask a simple question of these delegates: Do you have a message to tell the United States? When they answer, they will degrade our nation, our military and our people and that will expose their lies for what they really are.

Tim Phillips - introducing the UN Global Village (which I'll be blogging about later when my video uploads), and the American pavillion - paid for by your tax dollars.

****To Watch live:

from the video: we ought to ration the number of UN conferences these people can take on our tax dollars.

* today is the 40th birthday of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

* last year in Copenhagen, the head of the EPA, cheered on by bureaucrats from around the world, said, "even without congressional action, the EPA was going to change the way America works."

* The left has told us where they're going - we need to believe them. They're going to push through the cap-and-trade legislation that you stopped by promoting rules and regulations that accomplish the same thing, despite the opposition of the American people.

* urges everyone to call their representatives and tell them not to let the EPA take over the responsibilities of the duly-elected representatives in Congress.

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