Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quotes of the Day - thrift and taxes

I'm hoping that my video interview with the writer/director of "The Undefeated" (the Sarah Palin documentary I saw at RightOnLine) will download properly and I'll have a post on it shortly. In the meantime, two quotes that complement each other nicely.

"Why be thrifty when your old age and health care are provided for, no matter how profligate you act in your youth? Why be prudent when the state insures your bank deposits, replaces your flooded-out house, buys all the wheat you can grow? ... Why be diligent when half of your earnings are taken from you and given to the idle?" ~ David Frum

"The median family of four ... paid $4,722 in federal taxes last year. That’s enough to pay for a new curtain for the secretary of commerce’s office, to bribe a farmer not to plant 38 acres with corn ... seven weeks of salary for a Customs man assigned to save us from the terror of high-quality, low priced foreign TV sets, or the subsidy on 6,000 bushels of wheat to prop up the Soviet regime. Surely civilization would collapse without such essential services." ~ Alan Bock

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