Saturday, June 18, 2011

RightOnLine - General Session 3

Ed Morrissey -

* from the area; live in the suburbs of Minneapolis - and even though we have ATMs here, our jobless rate is below the national average.

* While we send people to D.C. like Al Franken, we also send people like Michelle Bachman and John Kline

* always a thrill to talk to people ready to engage - love the massive energy of the people here and the tea party activists.

* record number of attendees here - because people see the success when they get active, get engaged and demand accountability. Of course, we've seen what happens when we don't: people in DC spend more than they have.

* not long ago, we didn't have the ability to engage nationally and that suited the politicians in a far away capital quite well. They could control the environment and the message

* the Internet changed everything. The growth of is a direct result and I can influence policy and politics 1,000 miles away from my home in Minnesota.

* appreciate that people like you are reading these sites and being engaged and making the message stronger.

* freedom and liberty are truly at stake: we have politicians who want to control what you eat and run industries. They want to redefine liberty as a government gift to be rationed by them.

* Time for government that stops picking winners and losers in the marketplace and stops heaping debt on our children and grandchildren.

* People think the tea party is done and that grass roots activists on the right have been satisfied...We need to keep working - 2012 is right around the corner.

Glenn Beck video:

* this is the kind of event that gives George Soros nightmares - thank you!

* there is nothing liberals fear more than people like you - citizens journalists, grass roots activists who dig for the truth and hold to the truth and speak without fear.

* they fear people who hold to the Constitution as a firewall between liberty and tyranny.

* they fear people who believe that man is capable of ruling himself.

* you know you can't rely upon the mainstream media or the political parties. We can rely on ourselves, our God and the truth.

* we must look out for each other and spread the message of liberty here and across the world.

* There's been an awakening in the country - people want to get involved. There is no mystery to our success - the Founders laid out the game plan. The logic, common sense and foresight that they used to defend our freedom is more important today than ever before.

* We don't ask Americans to 'trust us' or 'try something new.' We ask Americans only to educate themselves and take the Founders' vision and do it right.

* Progressives think that you'll just go away if they can wait you out. You will train future leaders...
(video stopped)

Erick Erickson -

* I've been stuck in every crummy airport east of the Mississippi over the last 24 hours.

* Can we hold two competing ideas in our head at the same time - we should, we're not at NetRoots...

* One: Ideas matter. Americans revolted because they didn't view themselves as colonists, but as Englishmen who had rights. And the only way to do make things right was to rebel and create a new union based upon life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; life, liberty and property - and they were willing to die for those ideas.

* how many do you think are willing to die for Obamacare?

* the ideas upon which we founded this country garnered the pledge of life and sacred honor. Are we willing to do that today?

* liberty was the freedom to pursue their destiny. Lincoln: in this country, all men make themselves. In other countries the government makes men.

* Ideas matter - founders were willing to die for them and if we're not willing to die for those ideas, there is something wrong with us.

* Two - ideas don't matter. ... in the general course of day-to-day debate. Most people don't care about that stuff - they care about the everyday emotion which is why we get ads about Republicans throwing grandmothers over the cliff.

* good government is defined and the stupid and the evil getting together and doing something that is both stupid and evil and having it called bipartisan.

* When we frame the debate, be sure what you believe. Be sure that you know that the ideas matter. Our principles matter. And understand that you're about to talk with someone who thinks you're a little weird. Start out with the reality of the situation - the day to day - and build to the idea.

* bad economist sees only what is seen and ignores what is unseen; when we hear the story about the one guy who needs help, remind people about the other people who will be burdened as a result of the action.

* We are the tomorrow that the bad economists of the past told us: like the people who said don't worry about Medicare going bankrupt, that's in the future - or the ones who 10 years ago said, 'if we start to drill now, it will take 10 years to get oil.'

* we must be able to frame the argument on the here and now; on the idea that we'll drive business out of your state and other examples.

* and don't forget what our founders did and be willing to risk your all for the ideas - because the everyday will build into the idea.

* 'what the law will mean for your neighbor' not for what the issue means for society as a whole. We are a society comprised of individuals and we must care about them and show how bad legislation will impact their neighbor ... you'll then have the attention to build to the idea of liberty and freedom.

Jim Hofft - Gateway Pundit:

* During 2008 convention here, their bus was attacked by people throwing cement bags on their bus. As a blogger, I took pictures, recorded the actions, interviewed the people on the bus and posted everything on line.

* Police tracked down one of the people from the tattoo and just last week, the culprits were convicted.

* started with two readers and today I have over 1.8 million visitors per month and listed as one of the top new sites on line.

* I'm a single guy is Missouri who is blogging and driving the left nuts. We can do this.

* I broke the story about Obama's green czar who was a 'truther' ... within a few days, he resigned. Now we have one less commie in the White House.

* In 2008, I broke the story about the media not releasing a tape of Obama toasting a bad resulted in protests in front of the paper demanding the release.

* active in the tea party movement, proud member in St. Louis. Filmed union thugs beating up people and sneaking into town hall meetings. I was involved and spoke out - you can do the same.

* now it's June 2011 and we know that the media isn't going to report the truth...there is potential for you to join together - we need an army of people willing to work to change the direction of the country - we can do it.

Jason Lewis - radio host:

* I have the heart of a liberal - I keep it in a jar on my desk....

* 30 years ago a famous president said, "government is not the solution; government is the problem." no truer words could be spoken about this crises.

* when 60% of the people get more from government than they pay in and more than 50% don't pay any income taxes; record numbers on food stamps...problem won't be solved until we take a meat axe to the federal government.

* we're spending 40-45% of our economy by government...that breeze you're feeling is our founders spinning in their graves.

* traded bailouts for bankruptcy...headed for Greece.

* if you didn't live through Jimmy Carter, you're about to get your chance.

* private sector is paralyzed by government regulation and action...

* Can't substitute capital investment with government consumption. President's budget adds $46 trillion in new spending and $10 trillion to the national debt. We don't have a problem because we need another stimulus - we're still suffering from the effects of the last stimulus.

* Sen. Harken from Iowa saying we need stimulus package 3 - or 4 - or 5... How do you solve a debt crisis by piling on more debt? The goal isn't to address the economy, it's to get more people dependent on the government. As you do, it ends up the Democratic majority.

* economic disaster of diverting private capital to public uses, you end up needing even more taxes... Libs says Carter's tax rates were higher...yeah, but before the 16th amendment, taxes were zero.

* we're facing energy rationing with the current policies. We have coal, oil and natural gas - the greatest reserves in the world. Policy is to deny the people access to their own resources.

* this is all about first principles: government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is not compassion, it is force - and force must be limited. Best way to do that is to reinvigorate states rights - the true theory of federalism.

* laboratories of democracy can handle the issues...the issues belong to the states...that's how we find America again.

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