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RightOnLine - General Session 2, Michelle Malkin

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Michelle Malkin

* When I wrote about liberals exposed, I really didn't expect the most recent 'exposures'...

* the only 'angry mobs' are the ones across the street (NetRoots is in the same city) - and they are spitting mad - blaming the messengers for the problems. Calls it 'spurned lover' syndrom - they're angry at Obama.

* marking 20th year in journalism and movements like RightOnLine energize me.

* asked on Radio Row, what my message would be for the rejective leftists: See? I told you so.

* In 2009, I read a NYT editorial asking 'Is Obama punking us?' and yes, he is. Now we have Dennis Kucinich ready to done is 'miss me yet' Bush t-shirt; a group calling for the rescincion of Obama's transparency award because he never meant it; and the NYTimes which ran a piece about disaffected college students and faculty at Oberlin College in Ohio. From the article: student spoke of a love affair that, to a palpable degree, had wound down. It started hot and heavy, he said, and with extremely idolized notion. It quickly waned. Malkin: boo, freaking, hoo!

* Obama's rule by executive fiat has spread through every section of the administration. HHS has decided to drop the Obamacare waiver program - this is a result of pressure from across America from all types of people - and from Republican watchdogs in Congress who are actually doing the job they were sent to do.

* Obama's administration is in denial - saying the end of the waiver program doesn't have anything to do with the political pressure. It just comes late on a Friday night amid questions and issues of the legality of the program itself.

* But this is just a temporary evasion of transparency. While they pat themselves on the back for these monthly disclosures of waivers, they realized the damage the disclosure was doing. I believe they'll just come up with another way to waive the requirements, but will do so behind closed doors so they can continue to reward their cronies.

* In the end, REPEAL is the waiver we ALL want.

* The solution is not to just remove their authority in power to selectively enforce the law, but to remove them from power altogether.

* Obamarule by executive fiat; a culture of comtempt; a culture of corruption. Secret memos for a back-door executive fiat amnesty program has been revealed.

* This culture of comtemp is a recipe for what they want to do throughout all of America. Federal land grabs in the West - a map of what has been taken would shock you and they must be stopped.

* Spent time demanding that capitulatist Republicans start doing the job they were elected to do - they're now doing that and they deserve our praise for it. Just this past week, staunch House Republicans rolled back a Ken Salazar-initiative to take land. We should thank them for this.

* I'm not here to preach to the choir - I'm here to praise the are the wind beneath my wings - you help me to do my job better. I've seen the conservative social media and blogosphere come of age. In fact, blogging isn't 'new' media anymore... it's not just about old and new media - it's now about "right" and "wrong" media.

* I've had my interboos with liberals who have called me all sorts of names and women and minorities know the special denigration heaped upon conservatives for daring to 'disgrace' our chromosomes or skin colors. We are a diverse group and we need all of them if we are to be effective.

* She encouraged people to find their niche; find their style.

* Developments of the last year have raised a question confronted for a long time: Who is a journalist? for a long time, it was the journalists who defined the job and the credentials. Today, I'm not considered a journalist by the biased, propoganda carrying elitist journalist - but Rachel Maddow is?

* This is the same thing with bloggers like the local ones or major ones like Andrew Breitbart. They call investigative undercover journalists "activists." Anyone can be a journalist - you don't need a credential to do it, other than a brain that thinks.

* activist: Linda Greenhouse. NYTimes legal reporter who covers the issue of abortion at the same time that she marches in a pro-abortion event. She writes about Gitmo while her lawyer-husband is writing amicus briefs on behalf of prisoners there. That is bias.

* This is an amazing transformation.

* repressive civility: this campaign by the Miss-Manners Force is an attempt to stifle our voices and our agenda through the criminalization of conservative comment and expression. We must steel ourselves for the coming fight.

* at the local level, be aware, because that is where you can make the most difference. We need to stand up and say we are not the structures of dissent - you are. We're not the racists - you are. We are not the enemies of prosperity and freedom - you are. And you will not get away with it.

* parting advice: be bold, yet principled. be fierce, yet humble. cherish life, keep the faith. raise your children right (lower and capital R). count your blessings every single day.

* As a child of legal immigrants who chose to be Americans, I never take for granted the rights and privileges granted to me as a citizen. Fight for them.

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