Monday, September 26, 2011

OEA deletes blog due to negative comments from own members

Jason Hart, who writes at that hero, has done some great work exposing the hypocrisy of the Ohio Education Association by detailing what OEA members were saying about their own union on the union's blog.

But surprisingly, the union didn't like it, so now the webpage is gone.

Yes, they removed not just the comments, but the whole page where their own members had criticized everything from charges of "hypocrisy, adamant in taking positions it tells its local affiliates to fight at all costs," to exposing the OEA's failure to bargain in good faith.

Fortunately, Hart printed out the entire OEA blog so all the comments have been saved.

The worst part of all of this isn't just that the OEA deleted all negative comments about their actions. It's that OEA is one of the largest in-state funders of the We Are Ohio campaign pushing to defeat Ohio Issue 2 - the union reform legislation.

So, as Hart asks, you have to wonder just how valid their claims of “solidarity” and “speaking for working people” are when there is clear evidence from their own members that they fail to live up to such standards.

Read the entire post here.

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