Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why aren't we drilling in the Gulf?

Despite the fact that President Barack Obama has 'lifted' the moratorium put into place after the BP oil rig accident, there is no new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. If the President is so keen to put people back to work, why hasn't the simple solution of granting permits been implemented?

As this video shows (HT BizzyBlog) the problem is the bureaucracy - we'd be drilling if the regulators could process the paperwork their own regulations require.

And people want to put government in charge of our health care!

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Mad Jack said...

Drilling in the Gulf is not going to put many people back to work, and the oil will go on the open market where we, the Great Unwashed, will eventually pay a fortune for it. Meantime we risk another disaster like BP - British petroleum - perpetrated from a drilling rig where nothing could possibly go wrong.

As much as I oppose the Federal Government regulating anything, my opposition stems a lot more from the complete incometence of the useless leaches employed to protect us from ourselves than it does from a desire to return to a time when Monopoly wasn't just a board game. There are a few industries in the United States that would be impossible to over regulate - Government at all levels is the prime candidate, followed closely by the banking industry and the insurance industry.

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