Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ohio Redistricting Map proposed

Below is the congressional redistricting map that was introduced today in the House State Government and Elections Committee. Press release is below the map.

You'll note that our Congressional District 9 has been changed. It used to contain Toledo, Oregon, Jerusalem Township, and all of Ottawa and Erie Counties, with just a small portion of Lorain County. Now it contains a small portion of Ottawa, about half of Erie and extends into Lorain County with a portion of Cuyahoga carved out for inclusion. It also looks like Oregon has been excluded from the district.

It still follows along the edge of Lake Erie, but talk about gerrymandering - no one in their right mind would draw a district like this.

State Government and Elections Committee Unveils Fair and Legal Congressional Map

COLUMBUS—Today, the House State Government and Elections Committee unveiled the new map of Ohio’s congressional districts, which accounts for population changes over the past decade as determined by the federally administered decennial census.

“This is a fair and legal map that incorporates input from Ohioans across the state,” said State Representative Matt Huffman (R-Lima), who serves as chairman of the House State Government and Elections Committee. “We held five regional hearings across Ohio and heard testimony from many witnesses who provided input on what the new congressional map should look like. Based on the public input at these hearings, I am confident that the map I am presenting today accomplishes several goals, among them creating fair and competitive districts.”

The proposed map treats incumbent candidates equally, with three Republican and three Democrat incumbents drawn into overlapping territories as a result of slow regional population growth.

The congressional redistricting plan also protects the civil rights of minority communities by complying with the clear precedents of the federal Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Supreme Court in creating an African American majority-minority district in Cuyahoga and Summit counties. It also creates a minority opportunity district in Franklin County.

“In drawing these districts and moving House Bill 319 through the legislative process, it was vital to not only respect both Republican and Democrat congressmen, but also to take into account how Ohio’s minority populations will be impacted,” Rep. Huffman said. “It is important that we consider and pass this measure promptly and methodically, so as to ensure that communities and local boards of elections have ample time to prepare for upcoming elections.”

“The Ohio Association of Election Officials commends the House for working in a timely fashion to pass a congressional redistricting bill,” said Aaron Ockerman, Executive Director of the Ohio Association of Election Officials. “It is our hope that the General Assembly will move quickly to pass new lines which, when coupled with passage of a bill to move the primary to May, will help ensure an orderly voting process for all Ohio voters in 2012.”

The congressional district map as outlined in House Bill 319 is the result of months of work and adheres to all requirements set forth in law.



Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


...no one in their right mind would draw a district like this.

This again confirms my suspicions.

And, considering Mousie's so-called opposition, it would appear to virtually guarantee Mousie's reelection.

I think that we can do better, both in redistricting and in putting forth responsive representatives...

The Frizzy Hooker said...


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