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Toledo City Council Meeting - August 28, 2012

Notes from Sherry (a day late because she went to see "2016: Obama'a America")

Toledo City Council Meeting
August 28, 2012

In attendance: Councilwomen Webb, Hicks-Hudson, Councilmen
Ludeman, McNamara, Riley, Sarantou, Waniewski, Collins, Martinez, Craig, Steel, Copeland, Deputy Mayor Herwat, Mayor Bell.

Item 448 – Vacate portion of Greystone Parkway (Approved May 2012, 4 – 0) – passed – all voting yes.

Item 449 – Zone change at 508 Hawley St. and 940 Tecumseh St. for Zepf Center (Approved 5 – 0) - passed all voting yes.

Item 450 – Zone change at 3363 Bishop St. (Approved 5 – 0) – passed – all voting yes.

Item 451 – Zone change at 1443 & 1439bBaxter St. (Approved 5 – 0) – passed – all voting yes.

Item 452 – SUP for scrap & salvage facility at 6075 & 6180 Hagman Rd. (Approved 5 – 0) – passed – all voting yes.

Item 453 – SUP for expansion of used car lot at 1012-1042 Woodville Rd. (Approved 5 – 0) – passed – all voting yes.

Item 431 – Enact new rules of Council for minor changes and moving items for consistency and logic - 1st Reading. McNamara – requires two readings.

Item 432 – Amend TMC Ch. 2134, Toledo Municipal Court employees – Collins – remove from Community Agenda – we are super functionary – Court will have its way – suspend – passed – all voting yes.

Item 433 – Amend TMC Ch. 2101, Classified Exempt and Executive Exempt employees –

* Webb – where to begin – Steve Steel and the Mayor – this should be in the Committee of the Whole – move legislation, pledge not to legislate.

* McNamara – come up with something for packages.

* Webb – seclude Committee before legislation – see Mayors proposal.

* Steel – (with Puppy dog eyes SZ) I teach a “Critical Thinking” class at Bowling Green State University – this is a new example of a “Red Herring” - these are folks, campaign donors – we need assurance he (Mayor) will sign a pledge – working class families need this – he will end up altering the pledge – discussion at meeting on raises on performances – amazed he's named in the legislation – no quid pro quo.

* Ludeman – agrees with Webb – should have a Committee of the Whole Meeting - Mr. Loux.

* Mayor – (to Rep. Steel) since 1998, every Mayor should have brought this up – he can only speak and act for himself, not Mayors before him or to come after him – he doesn't want to lose people – raise spread in part to do with it – as Mayor, I can do this – I need an agreement with you on how we campaign – issue is put on employees.

* Steel – Did you come upon this when you were an employee or the Chief?

* Mayor – Chief.

Item referred to Committee of the Whole.

Issue 434 – Renew agreement with Superior Vision, Inc. for vision care program for employees, one year – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 435 – Levy asse4ssments for roadside drainage system at 1850 Raynor Dr., 5 years, $1,642 - 1st Reading.

Issue 436 – Accept contribution from Toledo Public Schools for 1/2 of salary & FB for 6 Police Officers, $188,749 – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 437 - Accept contribution from Washington Local Schools for 1/2 of salary & FB for 2 Police Officers, $62,916 – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 438 – Sale of former Facility & Fleet Operations building on Albion St. to American Steel Products, 6 months, $1.

* Ludeman – at Agenda Review, SUP.

* McNamara – take 1st Reading on this.

* Collins – Ludeman, good your doing this – drove by this site – on a Railroad Spur – get performance appraisal on this property – better evaluation.

* Martinez – put in committee for evaluation.

* Herwat – any environmental reports, Phase I or Phase II?

* Ludeman – Don't know.

* Administration – no testing done.

* Collins – Tetra Tech did this – put up $75,000 for ESM on the Erie Street Market– ended up walking away from the deal with their money – approval important for Economic Development – product and service create jobs – do this once we agree on price - filthy, another issue – administration needs to bring forth these issues.

1st Reading.

Issue 439 – Municipal Job Creation Tax Credit (MJCTC) to Ilegra Corp., 35 jobs, 40%, 7 years – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 440 - Municipal Job Creation Tax Credit (MJCTC) to Omnisource Corp., retain 148 & 22 new, 40%, 7 years – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 441 - Municipal Job Creation Tax Credit (MJCTC) to Toledo Molding & Die, retain 267 & 41 new, 40%, 7 years – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 442 – Amend MOU with LCLRC to accept Moving Ohio Forward Demolition Program grant, $4,000,000 – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 443 – Update Accela database system for Dept. of Inspection, $64,000 in 2012 and $452,000 in 2013, General Fund – Herwat – this ordinance to go back to the Administration. McNamara – ordered.

Issue 444 – Re-appropriation for Lockwood/Devilbiss Corbin Area Project, $378,664 Sewer Bond Fund – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 445 – Appropriation for repair of 2 pumps at Water Treatment Low Service Pump Station improvements, $342,073 Water Bond – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 446 – Appropriation for Water Treatment Low Service Pump Station improvements, $342,073 Water Bond – passed – all voting yes.

Issue 447 – Appropriation for skid steer and UG12 Grapple for Sewer & Drainage Services, $98,000 Storm Water – passed – all voting yes.

Last Call:

Waniewski – Can I get a Police speed monitor at Elmhurst School? And have instruction where & when to place them out, lots of traffic. We assess people for leaves and snow – can we charge the owner for limbs? Mr. Herwat please get back with me.

Webb – Nautical Village Pathway – Ribbon Cutting ceremony after last meeting – Thanks to the Mayor and Rep. Ludeman for your support. It was nice when the the Navy ships came in this weekend. I saw pictures of people out there watching. Would like an update on North Town – when is this coming down? Back to school – check on speed of cars. Also this lends to abandon and drug buildings near the schools. Cure JM day on October 13th. This affects 17,000 kids nationwide. This is an autoimmune disease, and it starts showing signs at 6 or 7 years old. There is no cure for this, nothing to help them. There is a boy in my district with this. If you go to Chuckie Cheese on the weekend of September 7th, 50% of their proceeds will be donated for this cause.

Herwat – Give you an update – demolition has been signed for North Town. About 30,000 visited the Navy ships this weekend, great amount. Thanks to Jen Sorgenfrei for the warm welcome. We had an army of City employees to accomplish these feats. They might be back next year.

Collins – Cosmopolitan downtown for Navy week, outstanding job. One thing we should have had – fireworks on Saturday night. City did a perfect job, hit a home run. Tomorrow Intermodel Grand opening (didn't say where). Thanks to all who paved the way to have study done. This sold to Norfolk Southern.

Hicks-Hudson – 1) Item 433 – how many employees at top of pay scale. 2) Dept. of Neighborhoods to CSG grant for the Shelters. 3) Speed on Dorr St. - new study done – make it happen.

Ludeman – Kudos on Navy week. We went to the German American Festival on Sunday – great. Lot of foot traffic on the King bridge this weekend. Kudos to the Bay View Yacht Club. PAL to support Boxing Championship – host Basketball Tournament at the Arena – colleges coming to watch. South/Woodale on the Trail – are cameras working? People have been slowing down.

Riley – Navy week – great show.

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