Friday, August 03, 2012

TPS to do performance audit? UPDATED!

I'm hearing that the Toledo Public School Board, at their finance committee meeting this morning, decided to do a performance audit. It's my understanding they're examining the costs, timing, etc...  I

If so, this would be welcome news,  so long as they ask the State Auditor to perform the audit and not try to do an in-house one.   Considering their finances, I'm certain one by the State Auditor would be less expensive than a private firm.

However, it appears they are still planning to go ahead with a levy request this November, in spite of a newly discovered $11.22 million surplus.

The Blade is reporting that they will modify the levy request, reducing it to a 4.9 mill, 10-year levy. The previously approved request was a permanent 6.9 mill levy. They are expected to vote on the reduction at a special meeting today at 5 p.m.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: WSPD's Fred LeFevbre has a sample letter you can send to school board members to ask them to do a STATE performance audit. The School Board email is also there. Here is the link.

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