Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Are you mad enough yet to tell Toledo council to vote NO on pay increases for themselves?

Remember a couple of weeks ago when a Democrat-dominated pay commission recommended an 18% pay increase for members of Toledo City Council?

Well, that recommendation is on the agenda today for a vote.

In case you missed it, every four years, per the city charter, council designates a representative of specific organizations to serve on a commission to review the pay. The organizations then determine who will be the representative. Of the seven members of the commission, all were Democrats. Only Jon Stainbrook, as the representative of the Lucas County Republican Party, was a Republican.

Not surprisingly, they decided that city council members work so hard and are paid less than councilmen in other areas, so they *deserve* an 18% pay increase.

As I wrote previously:

Regardless, the council that said Toledo didn't have enough money to pay for our parks and recreation and needed a 1-mill new tax levy doesn't deserve a pay increase now. If they've got the money to spend on their own pay, they can put it to parks instead.

And don't forget, this is also the same council that was going to devote the fine income from the new red light/speed cameras to recreation.

Yeah - that hasn't happened yet either. All that money went into the general fund and, per my last conversation about two weeks ago with the city treasurer's department, has yet to be allocated to parks and recreation.

And just to rub salt in an open wound, what about the temporary 3/4% payroll tax that was supposed to be - you know - temporary?!? We're going on 30 years now. Or the trash tax that was supposed to go down to zero that is now a permanent part of our water bills?!?

I know - don't get me started.

Maybe they just need the additional pay so they can all cover their past-due water bills....

Technically, the charter requires council to act on the recommendation by voting either for or against it.

So today, Ordinance 149-13 is on the agenda:

Providing for an annual salary of $32,500 for Council Members effective January 2, 2014; and declaring an emergency.

Yeah - that's a real emergency.

Call or email council members today to tell them NO to any pay increases. The number to Toledo City Council is 419-245-1050 and here are their email addresses:


While you're at it, tell them the next time they appoint the salary commission to insist upon fair and equal representation politically, too.

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