Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Quote of the Day - a lesson on government vs. private charity

Perhaps Gov. John Kasich should pay attention to this, especially when he thinks expanding Medicaid is the 'charitable' thing to do...

"We are all doubtless bound to contribute a certain portion of our income to the support of charitable and other useful public institutions. But it is a part of our duty also to apply our contributions in the most effectual way we can to secure this object. The question then is whether this will not be better done by each of us appropriating our whole contribution to the institutions within our reach, under our own eye, and over which we can exercise some useful control? Or would it be better that each should divide the sum he can spare among all the institutions of his State or the United States? Reason and the interest of these institutions themselves, certainly decide in favor of the former practice." ~ Thomas Jefferson

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