Wednesday, April 03, 2013

TPS could save $20 million per year, performance audit says

Just a quick update:

The total amount of yearly and one-time savings identified in the Toledo Public Schools Performance audit is

This is over a 5-year period and here is the breakdown:

2013-14: $18,664,783
2014-15: $20,084,991
2015-16: $20,582,497
2016-17: $20,740,557
2017-18: $20,737,497

Total yearly NET savings are $100,810,325 plus the one-time savings of $411,385 come to a total identified in the report of $101,221,710.

There are some costs but they total less than $2.5 million over the five years are already deducted from the NET savings listed above.

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