Saturday, April 13, 2013

Introducing the New Federalist Party

Press Release:


Defending Liberty and the Constitution for All Americans

Introducing the New Federalist Party - we seek to restore our Country and our government to that which our Founding Fathers created.

• Return the Federal government to acting within its enumerated and limited powers.

• Establish a more efficient and smaller Federal Government to uphold the Constitution.

• Return the United States Senate to its original purpose as the voice of the sovereign States.

• Return to the sovereign States the powers usurped by the Federal government.

• Repeal and stand against all laws, amendments, and acts that are in conflict with the principles and ideologies of The United States of Americas’ founding; including those principles shown to exist by The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

All Citizens who love our Country, our Constitution, and the Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties enshrined in, and protected by, our Founding Documents, are hereby invited to join the New Federalist Party.

Contact: Laura Mielcarek, Public Relations

From their Facebook page:

Currently legally we are a "group" of individuals. We are currently gathering funding to file for Incorporation in the state of Florida, file 501c4 status with the IRS and upon reaching a $2000.00 donation received mark. Filing with the Federal Elections Committee as required by law.

Politically speaking we have yet to finalize our Thirty-Three Articles which will be presented before the committee for official voting and official adoption at the convention, whenever that shall be held. As the Federal Elections Committee has determined various requirements for a convention. One of which they have not is location. Being that the majority of our volunteers are in vast geographic locations through-out the country. It has been decided that the convention shall be held via web meeting and conference call. Of which any and all are invited to attend on a first come and first serve basis. Details will be announced as soon as we nail down the last few articles that remain to be polished.

This Party will fall as a subordinate to what will be legally known as The New Federalist National Committee. This is why you see a blatant name difference in the Facebook page and the Website address versus the Website Title. With all of this being addressed and spoken of. If any of you wish to donate towards our group so we can truly begin to show that the citizens are tired of Constitutional Cherry-picking and we do not want change. We want what was already ours to begin with. he link is below.

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